Vote Trump.... He has a backbone!

A what? A backbone? .... Ohhhh, thaaat!..a spine!

The "backbone" seems to be the last excuse and justification that “strumpers” (those who stump for Trump) have in their arsenal (no British pun intended) to make their candidate remain viable in the upcoming Presidential elections.

Let me fill you in about this backbone business.

The idiom refers to someone basically having courage and strength of character.  Especially the courage to SPEAK UP - literally and otherwise.  And boy has Mr. Trump spoken up. He has spoken up about anything and everything. Yes he certainly does have the energy, the courage and audacity to speak up.  If you really think about it, it sounds admirable, laudable, reasonable, honorable - and all the other “ables”. The problem is he doesn’t have the character to go with his courage to deliver and speak up. He speaks up in a very offensive, belittling, hateful, malicious and arrogant way. His choice of words is very sophomoric if not sarcastically profane. He “double-talks” - literally and figuratively.  Have you heard Trump repeating words and phrases when he talks? It’s annoying. And then he invents words and phrases on the fly to give the impression that he knows a lot about a subject. Like the Crimea gaffe (ahem!).  And he fills most of his “speaking up” speeches with what he loves best - ad hominem attacks.  But hardly any substantive content.

Trump likes to pick a bone (yes, bone - pardon my Trump imitation) with everyone of any race, ethnicity, gender or age. He has belittled Mexicans, Muslims, veterans, women and others. In one of his recent rallies, he even picked a bone with a crying baby. Yes, a baby, of all people - for crying out loud (pun intended}. When the baby started crying, Trump said: “I love babies. I hear that baby crying. I like it.” But when the baby continued crying, he said: “Actually, I was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here.”  Courage to speak up? Yes. Character?  NO!

Does Trump have a real backbone?  Is having a backbone a good thing?  Well it depends.  A backbone may be needed to demonstrate courage, but a backbone in extremity can be a link to audacity, arrogance, condescension and narcissism.  Trump represents a case study in flexing the backbone to extremity. I can almost see the notorious dictators like Mussolini, Hitler and others starting off on their claim to infamy with their own backbone flaunts.

Right now I have a wishbone (imaginary one) and making this wish that Mr. Trump would be a little wiser, more respectful and less arrogant.   If not, then I have one more bone to pick with him - and his supporters - and that is a reminder that of course it takes a backbone to speak up, but sometimes it also takes a bigger stronger backbone to ...maybe...SHUT UP?

(Note: This is by no means a pro-Hillary post either.)

By the way, are Clinton and Trump the best that America has to offer?  Reeeaaally?? I think not! (Stay tuned ...)

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