The Prevaricator and the Fabricator

...aka Clinton and Trump respectively.

Warning: A quasi-humorous post.  You can laugh like those guys in the picture!

three "real politicians" and a model ...lol!
photo: twitter.com
Besides being the most disliked, most unfavorable, most unpopular, the least trusted, etc. Presidential candidates in modern history, Trump and Clinton's health (physical, mental and emotional) have been another issue recently raised as a concern. Because they’re both... hmmm....old? And based on their demeanor during the campaigns I’d say that health is certainly a serious matter with the two nominees.  Relatively speaking they both had shown signs of some mental and physical degeneracy.  Trump recalling some events and things that did not happen while Clinton recalling things that did happen but was not sure how they happened.  Trump calling Clinton a liar and a prevaricator, and Clinton calling Trump a racist and a fabricator. Really? Or are these what we call real genuine politicians?  Is this politics at its worst - or best, as in the context of the real nature of politics as we know it?  Some people say the health of the candidates is a non-issue. Oh yeah?  Apparently these are the same people who have considered civility, respect, honesty, decency, truth as  non-issues too, and probably why it has gotten to this point with the two least trustworthy candidates for president - Ever!

Anyway, health-wise, let’s start with the letter “C” as in, yes, Clinton.  Her “C”ough has been a Concern, as first reported by NB“C”.  Her speeches are occasionally marred by it and  she would often pause for some water.  A few years back, she fainted and reported to have sustained a “C”oncussion.  Some have said that should be enough to disqualify her from being President.
Now it’s been reported that she fainted over the weekend and has been diagnosed with pneumonia, or should we say Ceumonia (Clinton’s pneumonia).

And the infamous emails? Investigation has found that Clinton did share and/or leak Classified and Confidential documents. The FBI, or whoever, pointed out to her that the documents were marked with the letter ...yep, “C” - meaning “Classified/Confidential”. And know what her answer was?  She said she thought it was to mark alphabetically the paragraphs!! Really?  Were there paragraphs A & B then? NO!  If she was serious, then I think we need to look at the Concussion and see if what’s under her Cranium is in order - especially the Cerebrum, the Cerebellum, Corpus Callosum Commissures and Cerebral Cortex. If all these - which constitute the Brain - are ok, then she’s lying about the “C”. My theory is she looked at the “C” on the documents and thought “Oh the documents are mine. The C stands for ..... CLINTON!”

How about Mr. Trump?  Well, his doctor has unequivocally said that Trump would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”  Ok, wait, can we have a brain doctor or a neurologist check Trump’s doctor please?  Trump may be physically fine (except his hair of course), but he needs to have a brain check-up too.  He says things that are out of this world. He says things that make you stop and ask: “Is this guy mentally stable?”  I’d like to ask the same of those who actually support him...LOL!  Hey, wait, remember Ben Carson, the brain surgeon? I think we need him back.  Didn’t he endorse Trump?  Well if he did then he’s found a new patient in Donald!

Trump’s favorite letter seems to be letter “M”. Maybe because of “Melania” his wife?  Well no, he has this thing or two against Muslims and Mexicans (sometimes Mormons too).  If that’s not enough then how about Misogyny, defined as  “a dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.”  And I think Bobby Jindal governor of Louisiana, on CNN, said it best - that Trump is a Mad Man...Mmmmmm!

And finally, the real President - Mr. Obama - in the news. He is sick too. He is officially a parasite! (Ok, ok, it’s an honor, not an insult. lol!) Scientists have just named a new parasite after Obama - Baracktrema obamai, a parasite that lives in turtles' blood. Congratulations Mr. President. So turtles, aye? With the obvious connection, don’t be surprised if we’ll have a fifth turtle soon named Barack, or better yet (him being a parasite) an antagonist and sidekick of Shredder.

Aaaanyhow,  here’s wishing Hillary and Donald the best of health, and let’s hope that they will not be infected with Baracktrema obamai.  Hahaaa!

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