Presidential Debates: Trump, Clinton and Old Nick

Did I watch the debate Sunday night?  You betcha!  And I did the first one too.  Not that I was trying to  see for whom I'll vote..hmmm..well, maybe. And maybe not.  But it was more for my own curiosity as to what's in the minds of the two worst nominees in history. Again it's a sad time for America in its history of presidential elections.  The closer it is to the election, the worse the two have become.  Trump with more revelations of his womanizing, lewd and salacious behavior and Clinton with more leaks and revelations of her own past dealings and emails.  Though it's sad and pitiful for the two to hang themselves out to dry in the debates, it's even sadder for the American people, of both parties, especially in how they have managed to elect the two as finalists. Remember, in a democracy, they say that the people always deserve their leaders, at least for the majority. In fact there are millions of those that do not support either candidate.

So what went wrong?  Maybe nothing? Just let the process take its course and in the end we Americans will deserve our president?  Well I must say that it's not necessarily the majority that's to be blamed exclusively, rather it's also the system where the plurality in the primaries have been the ones advancing their candidate. Proof lies in the fact that during the primaries more people did not approve of either candidate than those who supported and voted for them.  This group was split up among other candidates but also included independents and others.  And then as the primaries wound down, people had no choice but vote for the remaining ones for the sake of the party.

With the kind of politics involved in this election, I personally feel like invoking Old Nick (aka Niccolo Machiavelli) whose name and teachings are synonymous with the crafty and cunning nature of politics.  His treatise "The Prince" has long been considered a handbook for politicians.  The demeanors of the two candidates have seemed to resemble Machiavellian politicians. The cruel yet cunning, manipulative, conniving and scheming ones.  Aren't all politicians cunning, conniving, manipulative and scheming anyway?  Methinks they are, or at least most of them.

Anyhow, here's a simulation of the debate with me (and my reactionary faces) in the audience and Old Nick as the moderator, injecting his famous quotes from "The Prince".

Old Nick:
Mr. Trump did you just say that if elected President that you will be determined to inflict harm on Mrs. Clinton by putting her in jail?
Mr. Trump: Yes Nick. Yes...Yes.
Old Nick:
"The new ruler must determine all the injuries that he will need to inflict. He must inflict them once and for all." (The Prince)

Old Nick:
Mrs. Clinton, do you feel that more people will vote for you because they love you or because they hate Mr. Trump more?
Mrs. Clinton: Both
Old Nick:
"Therefore the best fortress is to be found in the love of the people, for although you may have fortresses they will not save you if you are hated by the people." (The Prince)

Old Nick:
Mr. Trump, you claim that people don't hate you; they love you, or maybe fear you, especially women, who, I might add, you seem to enjoy touching them and their properties?  What sayest thou?
Mr. Trump [sniffles]:
I love women and I respect women. I don't hate them; I want them to love me, not fear me.
Old Nick:
"Being feared and not hated go well together, and the prince can always do this if he does not touch the property or the women of his citizens and subjects." (The Prince)

Old Nick:
Mrs. Clinton, question for you. Mr. Trump has said that you have the worse temperament than his and said that you can be really mean at times.  Is that true?
Mrs. Clinton:
I admit that sometimes I can be a mean person, not as a mother, but as a politician.  I find that the times I am mean are times when I'm doing great things. I'm a fighter and I don't quit. Just ask him.
Old Nick:
"We have not seen great things done in our time except by those who have been considered mean; the rest have failed." (The Prince)

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