Donald Trump is President!

Okay.  Where do we begin?  From the beginning or in medias res?  Hmmm...still not sure.

The story of this Presidential election and its protagonist - Trump - is one for the history books. Not as a fading anecdote. Not as a short chapter.  Not as a thin book.  But as in various voluminous archives. Trump has made more history - let alone in dramatic fashion -  than Hillary Clinton would have made had she been the first female President.

There are so many storylines, subplots and even sub-subplots to Trump’s run. From the get-go to the finish line, last night, I’m sure that more storylines are still being written. But there seemed to have been something ominously eerie and evil to the election. And why not?  It was a vote for “the lesser of the two evils” anyway.  It was almost unreal based on the natural order of things from beginning to end.

During the campaign, Trump has violated all the rules of American politics. He even breached etiquette of civility, decency and decorum - socially and politically.  He has besmirched minorities, belittled women, children and people with disabilities.  And amazingly, he was still “exonerated” and remained the only candidate still standing in the end.  He has defied all odds and also thumbed his nose at the media and others.  In short he has re-written the manual for future political candidates for public office.  He was even found bragging about his alleged and audacious sexual exploits of women and girls.  Still, again, in the end, this will be the same man who will  hold the office of the most powerful person in the world - the President of the United States. And though his archetype may become the new normal in American politics, especially for those who want to run but have skeletons in their closets, I personally hope it’s only an anomaly, and not a standard.

The irony was that Trump was not expected to win. The Republican Party was/is badly divided mainly because of him, and so he had a long shot. Even up to the night of the election he was still behind in the polls, though the margin had tightened a bit.  The media has all but written him off and during their prognostications, the pundits were trying to find any possible path for him to the White House. It proved to be quite a challenge, and one that immediately started evaporating as soon as the results started coming in.

Now, if Shakespeare were reporting on the morning after the election, he would have started his report thusly: “Pundits, Pollsters, Prognosticators and “people”, lend me your ears, you all did not come to praise Trump, but to “bury” him.... And then you even became some of Steve Harvey’s apprentices (pun intended) in the process.”

Trump’s win was a surprise. A big one!  And because of the unexpected turn of events, I’m sure at some point, while waiting for the results, some Clinton supporters saw Trump’s advantage and thought and wondered if the election was somewhat rigged.  I’m even more sure that a few, maybe, of Trump’s supporters will have also thought the same thing, though in their candidate’s favor.  It was amazing and ridiculous at the same time.

Anyhow, congratulations Mr. President-elect!  ... and Cheers for Democracy!!
(By the way, wake me up when THE WALL is finished and all paid for by Mexico.)

Now let me shift gears and comment on something that may have a lasting appeal and application, even long after any voluminous archives on Trump’s victory will have been gone. It has to do with Democracy and Education, which has relevance to this election as well.

Good and proper education is vital to the success and durability of a healthy democracy.  It’s an age-old fact and principle. Aristotle and Plato taught that education is the foundation of democracy.

“Education is the prerequisite to democracy..... Only after proper education should a citizen be granted his democratic rights.” (Sociology Of Education by S.S. Chandra,)

An article in Newsweek states this:
There is a deep connection between education and a successful, well-run representative democracy. Voters need significant education to be able to judge the people to whom they delegate the power to make governing decisions and to assess how their governing system is operating. Without adequate education generally and specifically about representative democracy, the system itself is at risk. (from “Why are white, uneducated voters voting for Trump?”)
From the same article:
“Hillary Clinton is significantly ahead of Donald Trump among college-educated voters, while Trump is more appealing to ...less educated voters.”  But Hillary lost.

During one of his campaign stops in Nevada, Trump said that “he loves the poorly educated.”

By contrast, in 2012, Romney won whites with a college degree by 6 percentage points over Obama, and yet Romney lost.  See the pattern?  The less educated a person is, the more chances that he/she will vote for an incompetent, arrogant and stupid candidate.

The Chicago Tribune posted an article titled:
“Donald Trump won. Let the uneducated have their day.”

Washington Post: 
“Donald Trump’s surge is all about less-educated Americans.” 

If this is an ongoing trend, and the very reason for Trump’s victory, then it doesn’t bode well for the future of democracy in America.  There will still be democracy but not a healthy, efficient and sustainable one.

“An educated, enlightened and informed population is one of the surest ways of promoting the health of democracy.” (Nelson Mandela) 

And so what’s the moral and lesson from the election?  Get EDUCATED; Get an EDUCATION ... then prepare to VOTE. Yes, Americans!!!

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