Tomorrow's Election Headlines??

The Election headlines tomorrow will be a draw for many; I’m sure the media has some lined up.  Here are some of mine, just for fun (in no particular order):

1. “Trump Trumps Hillary”

2. “Trump Takes Back White House” (ahem!)

3. “Trump Wins, Swamp Draining Starts!”

4. “Trump Wins, Money Not Wasted After All”

5. “Trump Wins, Election Not Rigged”

6. “Trump Wins; Election is Fair”

7. “Trump Wins; Tweeter Account Restored”

8. “Trump Loses, Tweets Hillary to Congratulate”

9. “Trump Wins By A Hair” (if Trump barely wins)

10.  “Trump Wins, Praises Media”

11.  “Trump Loses, Back to Business As Usual”

12.  “Hillary Loses, Emails Trump to Congratulate”

13.  “Clinton Elected President ... Again!”

14.  “Hillary Trumps Trump”

15.  “Nasty Woman is US President”

16.  “Hillary Wins Nasty Election”

17.  “Hillary Will Serve Time - As President”

18.  “Hillary Locks Up Election” (re: “Lock her up” chant)

19.  “Election Over, Hillary Wins ...For Now” 

20.  “Hillary Wins; Trump Sues”

21.  “Hillary Wins, Trump Calls Election Nasty”

22.  “Trump Loses; Wasted Time, Energy & Money”

23.  “Trump is Finally Fired” (re: The Apprentice)

24.  “Trump Loses, Blames Media”

25.  “Hillary Wins White House aka Capitol Hillary” (re: Capitol Hill)

Let’s see if a media source will use one of these, then I’ll surely sue!...LOL!!

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