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Faik News (trademarked, lol!) will be a new feature in the blog, inspired by Trump’s obsession with calling any seemingly pernicious news about him as “fake news”.  The feature will consist of political humor, jokes, satire and parody.  The featured posts will contain material from various other sources and topics, not just politics.  Much, however, will be drawn from US politics, as it’s already proven, and will continue, to be a rich source for material.  This will also cover politics in other countries like Samoa. Speaking of Samoa, here’s a trivia question:

Trump and Stui
What do Trump and Samoa’s PM have in common?
They both call people stupid and fools and they both despise the media/press to the max.  Fate or Faik?

Here's a recent tweet by Trump in which he uses STui's favorite words (stupid and fools):
“Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. Only “stupid” people, or fools, would think that it is bad!....”  - Trivial or Faik?

Don's Johns
Trump’s inauguration is less than a day away and the preparations have been in high gear.  And because of the crowds, the portable restrooms are a must. The name of the company that’s providing the service is “Don’s Johns”.  And so they have put a blue tape to cover the name.  The reason for covering the name is actually not because of Donald John Trump, as offensively coincidental as it is.  Yet it's still vedi funny!

Oh, by the way, yeah ...talking about "draining the swamp,"  albeit with the wrong people. ... Funny or Faik?

Monica is in the POTUS news again (no not that Monica) - it’s Monica Crowley (formerly of Fox News) who was offered a job by Trump on the National Security Council, and has been forced to decline because of plagiarism charges in one of her books and dissertation. Plagiarism? No way! Well, in that case, maybe she can still work as a speech writer for ... hmmm.. . Melania? lol! ...Coincidence or  Faik?

Speaking of coincidences, partisan politics often siphons and exposes collusion and connivance for many, but especially ridiculous when you’re one of the spokespersons for the president-elect. Just last week Anderson Cooper of CNN took Kellyanne Conway (Trump's campaign manager and advisor) to school.  She was trying, as always, her usual propagandistic spiel and to “con her way” through the conversation/interview, but Cooper called her out and left her flustered and discombobulated. Again when you have a name like “Conway” it could be more than a coincidence.  And did the president-elect call Conway "baby" tonight in the eve of the inauguration? Yes!... Eeewww sicko! ...  Con or Faik?

Obama and Trump
I think Obama should really appreciate and be extra happy for Trump as the next president. Why? Well he (Obama) will very likely not be referred to as the “worst president” anymore. ... Likely or Faik?

And now this:
Trump seems to desperately and seriously lack the aura of the office of President. ....True or Faik?


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