I’m a Debater, Not a Hater

To One Lover of Trump:

I see that this Trump thingy has gotten to ya, so bad that now you’re getting a bit too personal. In Trump’s manner of speaking (with hand gestures) I say  👌“Not good, not good!”👌  By the way, I’d like to think that I am quite proficient in reading between - and into - the lines, especially those sprinkled with sarcastic emotives.  I’ve read about people’s political views driving wedges into their relationships, but never believed them until now.  What’s with Trump anyway that you’ve decided to stoop low and cross a certain line?  I guess it’s his “power” and “stamina” to bring out the worst in some people, aea?  Anyway, as long as we have this convo, let me say a few things.

I don’t hate Trump, in fact I honestly and sincerely would very much like for him to succeed and lift this country up for everyone, not just for a select group or class.  That said, I, like millions here in the US and millions more around the world, take umbrage at  his divisiveness, petulance, distasteful demeanor, offensive, bullish and racist comments, indiscriminate arrogance, etc. etc. etc....

And so for your information, and others’ as well,  my “Faik News/Fake News” is political satire.* (I guess you’d have to understand something first before you can appreciate it.) Read it and laugh along! It can be a real effective antidote.  They’re REAL anyway, not made up stuff.  You call it negativity, I call it creativity and objectivity.  If you don’t appreciate it, then too bad; it’s your problem, not mine. And if you’re bothered by it to the point you feel adamant and unrestrained in defending Trump at all costs, then at least post a comment here and we can have a constructive exchange. You can even do it anonymously!

But please don’t use Facebook as a  conniving conduit to post veiled comments behind some annoying shares and newsfeeds rebuttal, and to smear my blog, hence insulting my intelligence especially since I can’t hit back because I don’t have a Facebook account.  Do it here, or another forum and I’m game.  Debating - not hating - is my forte.  I do like, and welcome, a good constructive debate.  That’s what good genuine people do - open and upfront, not backstabbing.

Yes, I do have a college degree but I don’t flaunt it or hang my hat on it, because a college degree does not mean anything until you’re in the real world and do something with it. Believe me.  Incidentally, I also don’t care with whom I debate, be it  someone with a Master’s, PhD, honorary degree - or NO degree.  I’m degree blind.  Because I’ve come across some Master’s and PhD degree holders who can’t spell and who don’t know the simple things like the difference between “its” and “it’s”, “you’re” and “your”, etc. Some in fact have their theses and dissertations written for them or degrees bought online or elsewhere.  These are the same people who use and write “could of”, “would of”,  instead of “could have” and “would have”.

So if it’s a debate you’re looking for, let’s do it. Bring it on.

Manuia le aso,

* “...the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.”

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