Faik News II

Wow, way too much faik news that one needs a staff with high IQ’s to compile it.  Well, in that case, for now, let me just faik it!

First, remember Ben Carson?  The “brain” surgeon who ran for President?  He is now the nominee for Secretary for Housing & Urban Development.  He is rumored to have told Trump that he isn’t interested in a Cabinet position.  Why?  Because he (Carson) “...has no government experience, he’s never run a federal agency,” according to a close friend of his.  Whaaat?  This is the same guy who ran for President of the United States.  And now when appointed to run a government agency, he says he has no government experience? What did he think was the President’s job? Flip burgers? This brain surgeon needs to have his brain checked... lol!...That’s called feigned faik.

Faik, you say?  You mean like the 3-5 million faik voters who committed  voter fraud in the elections, costing Trump the popular vote?  Or you mean the faik way the media has underreported the inauguration crowd, which was, faikly speaking, supposed to be the largest crowd ever for a US presidential inauguration?   Do I detect some real faik numbers here?

What’s in a name?
Some members of Trump’s inner circle have names that are so-called (pun intended) “fitting for function”.  Spicer the White House press secretary’s role is  to “spice” up things especially any “alternative facts”. Conway’s is to concoct until she “convinces”. And when everything sounds faik, give it to loose Bannon, to fire off some “bannonballs” like telling the media to “Shut Up!”.  All faiked up!

Conniving Conway (aka “Queen of Bull” according to some) was at it again these past several days.  She recently mentioned - not once, twice but thrice - a "Bowling Green Massacre" committed by some terrorists/immigrants here in the US.  The truth is that it is faik - there was no such massacre. She then admitted that she misspoke - a euphemism for “lying” or “conning” ...aaand “faiking”.  And yet she’s a counselor to the president?  Huh?...Hmmm.. more like a “conselor” than a counselor, if you ask me.

There is a consensus that the notorious immigration ban was carelessly planned and implemented in a very amateurish and inefficient way.  It’s like something done by a bunch of novices. But wasn’t this cabinet - and administration - touted as the best, excellent, amazing, next to none, tremendous, fabulous, fantastic and with the highest IQ of any ever assembled?  Those must be some real-ly faik IQ’s.

Trump’s hair has always been in the news - if it’s faik or real.  Many believe it’s faik, however, his doctor recently disclosed that Trump is on Propecia a drug that helps hair growth and prevents male-pattern baldness.  Well, this past week Trump met with heads of the major pharmaceutical companies to push for lower prices for their drugs. Rumors have it that he is going to sign an executive order called the “Propecia Proposal” which gives the president free supply of Propecia for life. Seems like a faik - and hairy - deal to me.

Finally, remember the bold statement by Trump during the campaign that he could shoot someone and he still wouldn’t lose any voters or supporters?  Well there’s some truth (not faik) in that because I know some close frienemies who are die-hard supporters and would do just that.  I think I have a name for them - "Phonies"  Faikers! .... real faikers, oxymoronically speaking.  How do you tell a faiker?  It's when she they “like” every pro-Trump link on FB.

This edition is now stamped “faik accompli” ........til next time, stay faiked everyone!

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