Faik News III

Welcome once again to this edition of Faik News.

Hey how about those faik moments during the Oscars, aye? The best picture "La La Land" turned out, in less than a minute, to be just a faik. "Moonlight" was the real winner, they later reversed and announced. Coincidentally, moonlight is a real thing, while la la land is an imaginary place. A faik, in other words. And then there was a tribute to those celebrities who have passed on during the previous year. In the tribute, they put up a picture of someone who is still alive in the place of the deceased one. In other words the Oscars faiked someone’s death.  Anyhow, let’s cut these movie people some slack. Come to think of it, hey, it’s Hollywood, therefore, there has to be some faik stuff involved!

Now let’s get to some real faik news.

As indicated in the first segment of this Faik News feature, that much of what will be included will come from US politics because it has proven to be the best and richest source (for the necessary material). Washington certainly has not disappointed.  In fact it has surpassed expectations. Sometimes, as of late, the material has been overwhelming, hilarious, dubious, distrustful and unbelievably STUPID that now I have to be finicky in my screening and selection.

Hear Ye Hear Ye!
We all know President Trump’s love affair with Twitter, that we might as well dub him with a faik name “President Tweedletrump” (re: Tweedledee and Tweedledum).  The unfortunate thing is that though Twitter has been a convenient tool for him, it has also exposed his inadequacies - as in spelling.  Most of his spelling mistakes are corrected in separate and subsequent tweets, while the original tweets are deleted. It's reported that some of Trump's staff catch the mistakes then inform him.  Oftentimes, the correction is made but it's already "recorded" somewhere.  There have been a lot of spelling mistakes (or faiks) since taking office, but one recent embarrassing one is, well, hear here (re: tweets; read from bottom up).  Notice the time stamps of the tweets and the times "hereby" was corrected.  And the ironic tweet about education embedded therein.  One of the responses to the tweet said "I hereby demand a president who can spell...."
Either Trump can't spell or is under some kind of spell.  A faik spell, that is.

A Travel Ban-ner
A revision of the so-called “Travel Ban” (the faik one) has been signed and released.  According to Trump, the main reason for the ban/s is to keep America and Americans safe.  Fair enough Mr. President.  Opponents of the bans, however, argue that the opposite will happen, that Americans will be less safe as a result, especially those Americans who travel abroad.  Well, I beg to differ.  I firmly believe that Trump alone provides for the best security, safeguard and safety for those Americans who travel to other countries.  How? It’s very simple. And here’s the tip: When traveling abroad as an American, make sure you have lots of Trump clothes and paraphernalia. Specifically “anti-Trump” stuff.  Wear t-shirts that have “I Hate Trump” logos, a “F**K Trump” hat (that’s “FAIK Trump” by the way ...lol) a “Dump Trump” backpack, and your rental car with a “Down With Trump” banner. And surely everyone, I mean EVERYONE in any country will just love you. They will embrace and hug you. They will even offer to host you, or pay for your hotel (not a Trump one). They will take you in as one of their own. You will be safer than safe - with Trump!

Trump’s Faik Hat
Trump is still in businessman mode - not POTUS mode. How? Well he’s anticipating the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day, and being the business/profit-minded person that he is, he has made/ordered green hats (for sale) like his campaign signature hats, with his slogan “Make America Great Again” in the front.  In the back, supposedly, is a picture of the shamrock (the symbol of Ireland).

Well it turned out that the picture is not of a shamrock - which has three petals - but of a four-leaf clover. Considering the many mistakes and faiks the White House has made since the election, I think the slogan should be “Make America Faik Again”...lol!
And by the way, shouldn’t Trump be doing things a President is supposed to be doing instead of promoting and selling merchandise?

“Women, I love women!” ~ Donald Trump
Today is International Women’s Day!  Yay for WOMEN!

And the champion (ahem! Ahem! AHEM!) of women has grabbed seized the moment, and tweeted the following (emphasis mine):
I have tremendous respect for women and the many roles they serve that are vital to the fabric of our society and our economy.”
“On International Women’s Day, join me in honoring the critical role of women here in America & around the world,”
OK. Wait. Let me grab hold on to something first.  Sssssomething has suddenly suspended, severed and silenced any and all streams of sensibility, in me, to any sensory stimuli. Did I just read something about Trump respecting women? Woh woh!  Was there also a momentary reversal of the earth’s gravitational pull?  It’s like a Communist saying that he has tremendous respect for individual rights.
Well, let me resolve this thusly: I honestly think that a member of Trump’s staff wrote the tweet, not him!  There!  Otherwise, this maxim applies: A person convinced against his/her will is of the same opinion still.  Or maybe Kellyanne Conway (Trump adviser) wrote it?  Nooo!

Now, here’s a quote from an article on HuffPost about Conway’s position on harassment of women by men (emphasis mine):

“Conway, like many women who voted for Trump, seems to view harassment as just an unfortunate thing that men do and women tolerate.”  

Unfortunate, yeah?  Really?  I sincerely hope it is not the case with most women.  That, I would call STUPIDITY!!  Perhaps some of the women I know who are avid Trump supporters share the same view as Conway.  That's Sad and Sick! (in the language of Trump).

And so with that, I hear by, hearby, hereby certify, clarify, ratify, satisfy, quantify, notify and verify that this issue of Faik News is to indemnify, demystify and edify.