A "Dramacomic" Post on "The Wall".

What's “The Wall”?  No, not that money game on NBC. It's the wall that Trump wants to build at the US and Mexico border.  (Notice the doublespeak and the lies.)

First: The Drama.

During the campaign, Trump said:

"I will build a great wall -- and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me --and I'll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words."

After Trump won the election, he said:

"I don't feel like waiting a year or year and a half. We're going to start building. Mexico in some form and there are many different forms, will reimburse us and they will reimburse us for the cost of the wall. That will happen. Whether it's a tax or whether it's a payment,"

And then former Mexican President Vicente Fox tweeted:
“Neither today, nor tomorrow nor never Mexico will pay for that stupid wall. If Trump wants a monument to his ego, let him pay for it!!”

Now, (7 months in office) Trump is threatening to shut down the government (yes, the US government) if Congress does not provide money to build the wall.

“If we have to close down our government, we’re building that wall,”   I'm building the wall even 'if we have to close down our government'    Covfefe!

Second: The Comedy


Faik News V

Welcome to yet another edition of Faik News. Again and again, wow, Trump and gang keep creating so much faik news ........

First off, considering the events of the past few days in Charlottesville, I’d say that the current state of affairs with our government and the Trump administration has gone from worse to shameful and frightful. It is appalling, horrendous and deplorable (yes, I think Clinton was partially right about some of Trump’s supporters as being “deplorables”).

Let me clarify something. Again. This is not Trump bashing. If you think it is, then you need to remove your blinders and inject some sense into your moral and cognitive sensibilities.  Many Republican members of Congress are calling him out now for his lack of moral leadership and other improprieties.  Even his friendly FNC (Fake Fox News Channel) support is starting to buckle and crumple.  (Re: Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto and Shepard Smith of Fox who have had the moral courage to call out Trump when needed to be.)

That said, one of the effective antidotes to this oncoming swamp sickness - caused more by those who were supposed to drain the swamp, yet have become part of it - is through spoof and satire.  Mocking and ridiculing the vices of our leaders can serve as remedy for us, infected citizens, and hopefully as cure and correction for our sick and kooky leaders - president especially.  I’m thus reminded of the Latin phrase/saying:
“Castigat ridendo mores,” which essentially means “Ridicule corrects morals”. This is often the function of political cartoons -and satires.  Yeeepp!  So laugh along (if you can) ... Trumpsters too!

1.  Well how about that Scaramucci guy? He was definitely mucho scary, if not mucho faik. He swept in like a pitiless tornado and melted away faster than a stick of butter on a hot pavement. He was rude lewd and indecent. And we all know how Trump hates competition; he will not allow another member of his staff to rob him of his rude, offensive and distasteful title. And so just as fast as he came in, he departed ... Scaaary mucho!

2.  According to one of my favorite late night comedians, Stephen Colbert, Trump is now officially a dictator.  The official title comes when the president is reported to have “dictated” his son Don Jr’s response to questions on his secret meeting with the Russians in June 2016.  The “dictation” was made on Air Force One during the president’s return from Germany.  In other words, it was a faik response.

3.  Then Stephen Miller (one of Trump’s advisors) recently said this: “President Trump is the most gifted politician of our time and the best orator to hold that office in generations,” 

Uhmmm...What?  Covfefe! This Miller guy, in his own pathetic way, is worse and more faik than Scaramucci.  Now we know part of the source and reason for this president’s ineptness, arrogance and incompetence.  It’s because of his so-called inept, servile and smarmy advisers.  Stephen must have been drinking some Miller Lite when he said that faik statement.
This is exactly what Mr. Miller meant to say: “President Trump is the most giftedly challenged politician of our time and the best “prevariorator” to hold that office in generations.”

4.  And then there’s a number of Trump supporters who believe that he was sent by God . Covfefe!
Their spokesperson is none other than Robert Jeffress - a pastor!  Remember him from a fews years back when he said Mitt Romney is a Mormon and therefore a cultist? Mr. Jeffress said God has approved of Trump taking out (bombing) North Korea. Whohh! I didn’t know that America has its own group of religious fanatics and extremists!  😃  Speaking of Trump being “God-sent,” how about this (#5)?

5.  Trump’s Cabinet Weekly Bible Study.  Yes, you read that right. Trump’s Cabinet BIBLE Study.
According to USA Today, members of President Trump’s cabinet attend a weekly Bible study.
Politicians studying the Bible?  That’s like Car Salespeople studying a book on Honesty!

Typical reactions to this Bible Study:
- Most people’s knee-jerk reaction: “Oh yeah?” - with a pinch of sarcasm.
- Some say that it’s a good and fitting medicine for the many ongoing problems with this  incompetent administration.
- Others will hail it as being a sound and responsible undertaking spearheaded by those in power, and therefore a sign of America returning to its religious values. (Ahem! Ahem!)
- Still others think that it sounds comical if not blasphemously facetious.

Others, like me, believe that the Bible Study makes for great satire and parody which goes along with one of my life’s mottos of “live a little, laugh a lot!”

Here are some updates (mine) on the Bible Study:
According to reports, Trump seems to always get stuck in the Song of Solomon, highlighting and bookmarking different verses. He says that it is his favorite book, and he will sign an executive order to remove all the other books from the Bible and rename the book to “Song of Trump” - and that will be the White House Bible as long as he’s president.

And then here were some of the verses that Trump wants to ban.

Proverbs 29:2
When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.
(According to many polls, Americans are in “mourning”)

Proverbs 29:12
If a ruler hearken to lies, all his officials will be wicked.
(‘Nuff said)

Psalm 109:8
May his days be few; may another take his office.
(It’s reported that  this is Vice President Mike Pence's favorite scripture/verse.)

(Note: The Bible verses are real, not faik.)

6.  Hey Trump has done a lot of good too, especially according to his supporters.  One of them is the stock market. It’s been doing really well, really well.  It’s been a “bull market” in stock market lingo, and the big gains are linked to Trump. And I agree. Why not?  After all, the word “bull” is often associated with Trump. He not only spews a lot of bull, but he also behaves like a bully, denigrating, maligning and bullying people. Booooohhhhllll!

7. Bannon Banned. Banished. Steve Bannon (Trump’s chief strategist) has just been fired resigned.
Bannon is said to be a close friend of Trump and has had connections with the alt-right groups, espousing the white nationalism/supremacy agenda.  Bannon is also said to be behind the immigration ban on Muslims, and other White House bans. Now that he is sacked, does that mean there will be no more “bans”? What’s in a name? Ban-non.  LOL!!

8. Finally, I think Trump said something that is slowly coming true. He said he can and will unite the country. He will bring people together! And he’s absolutely right.  The country is gradually coming together. Uniting as one!  One problem though, America is not uniting with or under Trump, but AGAINST him.

...til next time, folks, don’t be faiked!


Meat Pie and Coca Cola Memory

Several days ago, I came home after work and looted the fridge and got a small bottle of Coke Zero (picture).  Then I went over to the microwave where the oven-warmed NZ meat pies were, took one out one and sat down to eat. Nonchalantly! Suddenly an epiphanic and deja vu moment. A particular memory that was lodged in the back of my mind broke free and beamed me back to my Leifiifi Intermediate days in Samoa.  It's one of those things and moments that brings back memories of a particular time and place in your life.

Looong time ago, before Samoa College (Samco), I attended Leifiifi Intermediate, in town, in the days of Pisupo (Bishop) the principal and Miss Mabel Howes, a favorite and well-known teacher.  She was my Form II teacher.  Another equally well-known teacher at the time was Lisi Vaai who was my Accelerated Class teacher.  And there was this time in one of the two years I was there that some overseas group came to do a study on education in Samoa.  One of their programs involved some students to stay after school to answer and fill out a written survey.  It usually took 30-45 minutes for each session and lasted for a week - or two, I think.

And the incentive for those who volunteered  was a small bottle of Coca-Cola (original) and a meat pie for each student. I remember that the Coke was always super cold that I could vividly picture the condensation bubbles on the thick glass, and the meat pie was always tasty and hot.  For a kid straight out of the village far from town, this was a treat of a lifetime and in stark contrast to simple coconut snacks of the children in rural areas.

Ever since that time, I have developed this craving for the pair.  And so this past week when I sat down at the table looking at my two “old friends”, I said “Yes, coke-n-pie, Leifiifi dayzzz!”  And to boost the whole flashback and memory, Coke Zero is about the closest version ever to the flavor and taste of that wonderful and much-coveted  original Coke.

And coincidentally, the above happened at about the same time (several days ago) that the news broke of the Coke Zero going away and  to be replaced by Coke Zero Sugar.  In other words, Coke Zero will soon be just .... another memory.