O La'u Tala Malie - Ae Moni... (Updated)

O la’u tala mālie, ae moni, e le o se taufa’ase’e 😜
‘Aua la ne’i e to’atama’i, pe ete ita, pe ete  te’e
O le upu masani, “a ofi loa le se’evae, ia se’e,”
Afai fo’i e ulufale atu le faitioga, ia "Ulufale gāe’e!"

O le a ou le tāea isi ituaiga, lanu ma atunu’u
Ae e faapito la’u faaseā i o’u lava tagataānu’u
Ae maise nisi o le matou lava fatafaitaulaga ⛪
E le a'afia tele ai nisi o tapua’iga i la’u faamatalaga

O la’u matā’upu e faatatau i epikopo ma fesoasoani
Ona o se tulaga e foliga ua avea ma amio ma masani
Peiseaī e tuua’iina i nisi taimi le ta aganu’u o se mafua’aga
Mo le tou mapo vi’iga ma mamalu o le olaga ma le soifuaga

E ‘ese isi ekalesia i ō latou faafeagaiga taulagi
Ua faaofi i latou i fono a nu’u ma ua faalagi
O ni tamā o matāgaluega ma āo fo'i o faalupega
Atonu e aofia ai ma outou, peita’i e iai se 'ese'esega

E tulaga ‘ese ma tuma’oti le Ekalesia Mamona
E tuto’atasi ma e manino fo’i lana misiona
Afai ae avatu ia te oe se tofiga poo se vala’auga
E le avea ai oe o se sifi, poo se tupu ae o se ‘au’auna

Ua foliga ua su’e nisi o ō outou mamalu ma vi’iga
E ala atu i ō outou  vala’auga ma tofiga
E ao lava ona outou matuā faafetai i le Ekalesia
Ua mafai ai ona avea outou o ni “tagata āloa’ia” 👮

O nisi ua suamalie le ta’i atu o le sua ma le teutusi
E tu’u atu loa i lou lima ae pei o le fela’u a le pusi 😹
O’o i le fale faitau pepa ta’i selau ua pei o sou totogi
Ma e fai i le tinā: “O le tali lea o a ta tatalo ma anapogi.” 🙏

Pagā lea ua avatu fo’i le lole, folo, ae le mitimiti
Ua amata na e fia siou ma fai nai au togafiti 😝
Ua e taulagi ma lāulāuvivilu na tofi oe i musumusuga
Ae manatua e iai fo’i nisi e tofi i faasusususuga

O le isi fo 'i e tū loa i le tofi mau'oloa loa
Faafuase'i ona anoanoa'i ana tupe ma 'oa💰
Va'ai ne'i faauiga sesē le avea ma tausi tupe a le uārota
Amata loa ona e faimalaga so'o pe faafou lou maota

Ina ne'i e faapea ane fo'i e lē molia oe e le Ekalesia
E le a'afia pe aiā mai fo'i le tulafono i si ou fiafia😄
Ae ia manatua le isi upu masani "E tuai ae fāi mai!"
A le o'o mai i aso o lou malosi, e o'o mai i aso o lou vāivāi.

O nisi fo’i e tofi loa e le toe su’esu’e ma a’oa’o 📜
Ona o le tofiga ua e faapea ai o ou manatu uma ua sa’o
Ua avea ai ma auala e sesē ai nisi o fa’ai’uga e fai
Si'omaga loa faapea "o se musumusuga a le Agaga na o’o mai." 👼

E ao ona outou faata’ita’i i le tupu amiotonu o Peniamina
E mata’u i le Atua, alofa i tagata ma tagi i ona lava lima 💪
Ae le na o le faamāepaepa, faamamapo ma faamaopo
Ma faapea ane ona o oe o se fesoasoani poo se epikopo

Sa’ili e galue ma tausi i lou lava āiga ma le atoatoa 👍
Ae le o le tuli o le tinā e faigaluega faasoloatoa 👵
Ae e nofonofo, talitaliaga ma e ta’oto’oto
E iloa ai lou lē faamaoni, lē poto ma lou faalōlōto

I le ma lenei ‘alo ‘ese mai i le isuisu ma le losilosi 👃
O le finagalo o le Atua e ala i faaāliga ae le o le faamalosi
‘Aua le mōli mea ‘ai pe faia nisi vāivāiga poo faatōsina 💋
Ma le faamoemoe e maua ai le tofiga o loo e su’eina

O auala na ma faiga a le tiapolo poo le tevolo 👿
E suamalie mo sina taimi ae o’ona e pei o se tipolo
Manatua e le faapea a ē epikopo ua e sao i le lagi tuatolu
Te’i ua e mao sāsālu ae uma ifo ua ‘ave oe e te nofo i Upolu

Galue faamaoni, ‘au’auna ma tausiniō i mea silisili o le malō ✌
Ma ‘aua e te ita pe lē fiafia pe a o’o ina faamalōlō
Toe faamanatu atu o le Ekalesia Mamona e tuma’oti
O le tele o ona tofiga e mo sina vaitaimi, ae lē tu’u oti 💀


Ae ui i lea, ia e pule lava le kama a le loomakua🙎
Kau iga ia magakua o oe o se kagaka e le o se akua🙏 ....Hahahaaaa


Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Really?

Before I get to the gist of this post, let me say that one of my biggest pet peeves, or something that I find reeaaally annoying - actually beyond annoyance - is partisan politics.  Partisan politics, basically, is when a member and/or supporter of a particular party would foolhardily (with emphasis on "fool") defend his/her party, including - and especially - leaders, even when there are obvious egregious improprieties perpetrated by his/her party - AND its leaders.  It's one of the reasons for my own abhorrence and disaffection for POLITICIANS!  Especially the hardcore partisan ones.  Most of them put their party first, right or wrong, and country second.

The title of the post is a familiar line from Shakespeare's "Hamlet". Marcellus, a guard at the palace, sees the ghost of the recently deceased king and then utters the statement.  The basic meaning is that there seems to be something wrong in a particular place or situation. Its original meaning points to something wrong and bad at the top of the political establishment, or government.

And that's exactly what the present situation is in Washington ("Denmark").  If you're not aware of the present goings on over there, then read on.  The events of the past few days - and weeks - reek of something rotten and stinky.  Mind you, this is not a "gotcha" or schadenfreudic post.  Again, I am a broad-minded person.  And that's why I detest partisanship, extremism and intransigence.

Some of the hardcore Trump supporters have become passive, preaching the same attitude, and yet turn around and aggressively advocate not criticizing the president, simply because "He's THE President!"  Huh? Baaaaaloney!!  Well, let me have another smaaarter President (of the United States) set that straight:

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Got that?

Okay. Here's an article that's worth reading.  Emphases are mine.
"1 afternoon, 3 investigations? The Trump White House's ominous day."
Washington Post
By Aaron Blake February 15 at 7:04 AM

In the space of a little more than an hour on Tuesday afternoon, life was breathed into three separate and distinct potential investigations of the Trump administration.
First came the independent Office of Government Ethics's recommendation that the White House should investigate Kellyanne Conway's plug of Ivanka Trump's fashion line and "consider taking disciplinary action." The letter was first tweeted by the House Oversight Committee's Democrats at 2 p.m.
A half-hour later, the Republican chairman of the Oversight Committee, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Utah), announced a letter probing Trump's apparent discussion of sensitive information out in the open this weekend at Mar-a-Lago.
Finally, a little after 3 p.m., Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said it was "highly likely" the Senate would deepen its Russia investigation after Michael Flynn resigned as Trump's national security adviser and questions emerged about whether his December discussion of sanctions with Russia's ambassador broke the law.
Three separate controversies, all coming to a head at once, and all potentially becoming investigative headaches for the White House. Within 25 days of Trump being sworn in as president. Meet the Trump administration.
The Obama White House, toward the end of its eight years, liked to pride itself on being "scandal free" and avoiding the kind of drama that has marked Trump's first weeks. That claim — while perhaps oversimplifying what actually happened during the Obama years — almost seemed designed to create a lasting contrast with what lay ahead. Basically, the Obama team knew this would happen to Trump. And plenty of others saw it coming too, especially given Trump's many potential conflicts of interest and penchant for controversy on the campaign trail. If you play fast and loose — and Trump certainly does that, for good or bad — this is the result.
Trump supporters will gladly dismiss much of this as politics and the price of Trump doing big things/rocking the boat/Draining the Swamp. But in two of these cases, it's Republicans inching toward broader investigations. The pressure on Chaffetz and McConnell is too much, and the concern is too great to simply ignore these episodes. In both cases, national security is at issue.
What's most remarkable is that all of this is the result of unforced errors. It's one thing to do something for an advantage and have it go south; it's another to mess up for no discernible benefit. In each case, there didn't seem to be a better angel telling anyone, 'Hey, maybe this isn't a good idea.'
When Trump broached a gray area by defending his daughter against Nordstrom's dropping her fashion line, nobody apparently told Conway that going too far with it could violate ethics rules.
When Trump was told three weeks ago that Flynn had misled people about his talks with Russia's ambassador, he apparently didn't do much of anything — including inform Vice President Pence, who had gone on TV and regurgitated Flynn's false claims. This lack of action and disclosure only makes it look like the Trump White House had something to hide. And when news of North Korea's ballistic missile test broke over the weekend, nobody apparently suggested to Trump that discussing it in the open might not be the greatest idea.
The point is that the Trump White House, either through negligence or design, seems to be almost walking into potential investigations right now. We're less than a month into his presidency, and he's already spurring even Republicans to talk about diving deep into troubling matters within his administration.
And at this rate, there's really no reason to believe this won't be the new normal. If three possible investigations can move forward in one afternoon three weeks into Trump's presidency, that's a bad omen for what lies ahead.

Anyway, let's hope for calmer and smoother days ahead for the country.  And let's hope the rotten stink does not turn into a swampy stench (pun intended), otherwise it'll be a bad reflection on us Americans with the kinds of leaders we elect. "We the people" do not deserve corrupt, colluding and scheming politicians. (OR do we?)  Well, let's remember that this country is governed by the rule of law. And no one is above the law.  Not even the President - Trump, Clinton or whoever else.


Faik News II

Wow, way too much faik news that one needs a staff with high IQ’s to compile it.  Well, in that case, for now, let me just faik it!

First, remember Ben Carson?  The “brain” surgeon who ran for President?  He is now the nominee for Secretary for Housing & Urban Development.  He is rumored to have told Trump that he isn’t interested in a Cabinet position.  Why?  Because he (Carson) “...has no government experience, he’s never run a federal agency,” according to a close friend of his.  Whaaat?  This is the same guy who ran for President of the United States.  And now when appointed to run a government agency, he says he has no government experience? What did he think was the President’s job? Flip burgers? This brain surgeon needs to have his brain checked... lol!...That’s called feigned faik.

Faik, you say?  You mean like the 3-5 million faik voters who committed  voter fraud in the elections, costing Trump the popular vote?  Or you mean the faik way the media has underreported the inauguration crowd, which was, faikly speaking, supposed to be the largest crowd ever for a US presidential inauguration?   Do I detect some real faik numbers here?

What’s in a name?
Some members of Trump’s inner circle have names that are so-called (pun intended) “fitting for function”.  Spicer the White House press secretary’s role is  to “spice” up things especially any “alternative facts”. Conway’s is to concoct until she “convinces”. And when everything sounds faik, give it to loose Bannon, to fire off some “bannonballs” like telling the media to “Shut Up!”.  All faiked up!

Conniving Conway (aka “Queen of Bull” according to some) was at it again these past several days.  She recently mentioned - not once, twice but thrice - a "Bowling Green Massacre" committed by some terrorists/immigrants here in the US.  The truth is that it is faik - there was no such massacre. She then admitted that she misspoke - a euphemism for “lying” or “conning” ...aaand “faiking”.  And yet she’s a counselor to the president?  Huh?...Hmmm.. more like a “conselor” than a counselor, if you ask me.

There is a consensus that the notorious immigration ban was carelessly planned and implemented in a very amateurish and inefficient way.  It’s like something done by a bunch of novices. But wasn’t this cabinet - and administration - touted as the best, excellent, amazing, next to none, tremendous, fabulous, fantastic and with the highest IQ of any ever assembled?  Those must be some real-ly faik IQ’s.

Trump’s hair has always been in the news - if it’s faik or real.  Many believe it’s faik, however, his doctor recently disclosed that Trump is on Propecia a drug that helps hair growth and prevents male-pattern baldness.  Well, this past week Trump met with heads of the major pharmaceutical companies to push for lower prices for their drugs. Rumors have it that he is going to sign an executive order called the “Propecia Proposal” which gives the president free supply of Propecia for life. Seems like a faik - and hairy - deal to me.

Finally, remember the bold statement by Trump during the campaign that he could shoot someone and he still wouldn’t lose any voters or supporters?  Well there’s some truth (not faik) in that because I know some close frienemies who are die-hard supporters and would do just that.  I think I have a name for them - "Phonies"  Faikers! .... real faikers, oxymoronically speaking.  How do you tell a faiker?  It's when she they “like” every pro-Trump link on FB.

This edition is now stamped “faik accompli” ........til next time, stay faiked everyone!