A favorable word

With direct reference to the previous post, here’s one of my favorite approbatives - growth.  Growth is more favorable than not. In other words we use it more in the positive context. A child, a plant, the economy all need growth.  The maxim “Grow up!” entails the need for betterment and improvement.

Growth when applied to an individual, in general, requires that person to change in terms of acquiring progress and improvement.  These can be obtained, for example, through the so-called “ity” virtues (according to one of my Church leaders):  integrity, humility, charity, spirituality, accountability, civility, fidelity; and my own short more temporal list - maturity, physicality and responsibility.

Make growth as an important criteria when making our choices in life - personal and otherwise, as in relationships.  Find your niche, then water, cultivate, fertilize and prune it.  Remember to be smart, wise and resourceful in finding that niche.  Bear in mind that you cannot plant a coconut tree in Utah, much less in Antarctica. ...if you get what I mean.  Now you might argue against that using innovation as supporting evidence or using cliches such as "anything is possible if you put your mind to it."  But I'm also reminded of what Mr. Eastwood once said in his "Dirty Harry" series: "A good [wise] man has got to know his limitations."  In other words, let's remember not to be foolhardy and negligent in our pursuits.

When we choose a major in college, choose one which gives us the most growth, when we choose what we eat or drink, choose those foods that give us growth (not in size but in health). Likewise with employment or any other pursuit or endeavor. Even our simple everyday choices should be influenced by the visceral need for growth. Reading, meditating, praying, studying, exercising, etc., all give us growth.

Simply, don’t loath that which gives us growth.

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