Idol Worship

LV: From LVis to LVin

Has the main title already caught your attention? Hahahaa...Good! And no I don’t have any carved images - wooden or otherwise - in the faleo’o, the shed or in a room. LOL!. Neither am I trying to sound impious.

I am however referring to the boyish, teenage and past years of my life. Hey, I ain’t a saint... uhmm ...it’s a goal, however - becoming one ... though now, I’m just a latter-day saint. (Doesn’t every sinner have a future, and every saint, a past?) ...anyhow, speaking of the past, here’s a snippet from yestertimes.

While growing up, I had Elvis as my idol. (Who didn’t?) I don’t quite remember how it started but it could have been from my older brother. (He too is an avid Elvis fan and impersonator/impressionist.) Anyway, I had done most things associated with being a fan of a popular entertainer like memorabilia and keepsake collection as well as different types of imitation.

In high school, I had a scrapbook of Elvis - pictures and magazine/newspaper clippings. I even saved some lunch money and bus fares to buy issues of “Elvis Annual”. In college I styled my hair and sideburns like Elvis’ (above). I even imitated his voice and have done some impressions of him. I play the guitar and so that helps in the overall imitation propaganda...hahaa...I even had pictures of Elvis on the wall of our student apartment. I also had quite a collection of his records; I still listen to his music.

But there’s another idol I worshiped in my youth ...and one that I still and always will “worship” ... forever - she’s my “Priscilla” (Priszita).

Today, in pop culture phenomenon, especially movies, I’m a semi-devout fan and admirer of Vin Diesel (re: LVin).

So at least in the field and context of pop culture and entertainment, I can say that "idol worship" is found in my past, present and will be in my future ....

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