Whaaaaaat haaaaappened? No Way!

Pia ... voted .... OUT??  I'm puzzled and befuddled - just like Steven, JLo and Randy!

Personally, it's perhaps the biggest surprise in entertainment since the death of Michael Jackson! Not that I'm putting Pia on the same level as the king of pop, rather it's the element of surprise that is somewhat comparable.

I think American Idol should now take the voting and decision away from the people - leave them the government (though based on the last Presidential election, I have some doubts too).  If genuinely true that Pia's exit makes Randy mad, and JLo angry, then they should work to strip the popular vote and let the judges pick the winner. Forget the expected fan base and following created by the show and stupid texting (it's all for money, I know), the people will still buy the records regardless.

We - the judges and I - are definitely in agreement that Pia does not deserve to be voted out. Something is wrong with America, as I said, if Pia is not the winner and the judges echo the same sentiment! That nightmare has come true tonight. There's a theory though that explains the surprise and that is Pia's fans stopped voting thinking that she is safe, if not guaranteed to win. Well, if true, then all the more reason to let the judges make the choice, not the fickle - and oftentimes very biased - voters.

I am tempted to ask Donald Trump, since he seems interested and obsessed with the truth, that he should send the same group he's sending to investigate the validity of Obama's birth certificate to investigate Pia's premature and untimely exit and his chances of being elected President will escalate a thousandfold. Then again, if his experience will be anything like Pia's, he too will be voted out sooner. The difference is that the element of surprise will be missing like Iggy Pop's shirt.

Well, Scotty should now move up to #1 ... though I'm not so sure anymore about this seemingly rigged show. Someone is certainly sabotaging Idol, and I'm not surprised if Simon is the culprit in order to advance his X Factor. ...LOL!

Pia has certainly been robbed of the American Idol title! In political fashion, this is called the "idiocy of the majority" - "American Idol" or "American Idiot"? ... (chuckle chuckle)

Pia - but not Donald - in 2012!!

...sorry no more AI updates from this blogger!

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