What Global Warming?

Okay, if global warming is a real phenomenon, then why in hades (pun intended) is it still cold?  And even without a major snowfall here - where I live - yet? Are people just making things up? Yes, I'm talking about you Internet Inventor ...uhmmmm.... yes, you Al Gore! (You have since cultivated seeming contra measures to the cold - namely beard and belly - since that infamous passionate public kiss with Tipper.)  With all the glacial sheets breaking and melting from the arctic ice fields, one would expect some summer-like or at least some mild temperatures during Winter months.

I am a tropical guy; not a polar bear. That means I don't want to be exposed to snow, winter storms, blizzards, winter air or extreme cold conditions. Well of course I have a choice of living on a tropical island but that's beside the point of this post. Not meaning to belabor the 1 and 99 metaphor, but I believe I am in the 99% of the warm-cold weather divide. And so, like most birds, I want to fly to warmer places during winter. And who should be in the 1%, you ask? Well, let's put the Eskimos, Siberians and Antarctica enthusiasts there. LOL!

This morning, snow flurries blew against my face when I stepped outside. As I drove to work, cold cars disturbed the white film of dry snowflakes on the freeway as crystalline vapor fluttered and wafted into the thick chilly air. In the distance sporadic leafless trees dotted the stiff brown sprawling fields. There were scattered snow patches on the hillsides and the contiguous white mountaintops sent chills piercing through the windows, my heavy coat and two undershirts. And I could still feel the sting despite the gush of warm air from the heat vents.

There are blizzards in some of the neighboring states and a super white Christmas is in the forecast for the Eastern seaboard. Yet global warming is still the mantra of contemporary society especially those less industrialized and less developed countries who point their fingers to their industrialized powerful emission-producing counterparts as the greedy, stubborn and conniving culprits.

To date, the whole idea of global warming is a myth and fiction to some, but fact and reality to others. The latter group have so far come up with only one indisputable proof of the phenomenon.  Here:

The proof, to say the least, seems quite convincing and credible. Aaaaaanyhow, if that wasn't much of a global warming post, I hope it's a heartwarming one. :)

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