Definitely A Red Flag

  ...and that’s red flag as in a warning or signal to stop.”

But this offensive, uncouth and perfidious act - of flying a replica of the US flag with Obama’s visage and next to the real one - is also a red flag within the seditious and traitorous political context of the color red, let alone for a flag, which is the standard symbol and representation of  Communism and Socialism.

 Yes, like this one.

Apparently unbeknownst to the imbecilic perpetrators - the Lake County Democratic Party headquarters in Tavares Florida - they are only enhancing and promoting Obama’s own Socialist views and ideas with their disgraceful act. What were they thinking?

Sorry but this has gone too far! This would make any average American, with a sound mind, want to throw up.

The act should certainly get flagged by the government and the courts.  This does fall outside the freedom of expression protection, which some Democrats and others will be quick to invoke.

Now, though the offensive flag has been taken down because of the protests of some war veterans, it still is an offensive act.

"In dictatorships, they have a picture of their dictator on some of the flags, but we haven't arrived at having a dictator, yet." ~ Don Van Beck, executive director of the Veterans Memorial

(Oh please don't give Stui any ideas about this.  Who knows, it may be the next change he will make, putting his picture on Samoa's flag ...LOL!)

God Bless America!

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