Just a Friday good monologue ...

Jay Leno, watch out ....hahahaa....

Well. let’s start with politics, shall we? Obama and Romney seem set for the general elections in November. It’s an ideal matchup, both Harvard graduates, though it’s black guy vs. white guy vying for the White House. By the way, in the name of political correctness, some people want the White House painted neither white nor black - but maybe a mixture...a more neutral color, so brown wins the consensus. Guess who is in strong support of the color brown? ME! ...Actually it’s Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal who are applauding the color change! (For those not in the know, Haley and Jindal are governors of South Carolina and Louisiana respectively, and both are from immigrant families from India.) LOL!

One of the groups whose votes Obama and Romney are trying to win and woo in this election is the women! And guess who is expressing displeasure? Herman Cain. Cain is rumored to have said: “See? I should have been the GOP nominee. I know how to woo women!"  Newt Gingrich, not wanting to be outdone, responded to Cain’s claim by holding up a sign that says “Me too!”

And the K curse continues, K as in Kardashian.
So Kim is in the news again, Yes, that Kim who had a million dollar wedding and lasted only until after the two million dollar wedding ring’s return policy expired. ..yep, Kim who married, Kris for only, what? A month?

Anyway, Kim is now dating again and if you haven’t seen the pattern yet, then you must still be in K, as in Kindergarten...hint... hint. K! So who is Kim dating now? Name starts with ...yes, “K” - Kanye! ..not East but West. The same guy that interrupted Taylor Swift while receiving her VMA award, remember? Well, let’s make some educated guesses here, being that we are all highly educated ....Who is in line after Kanye? Some names please ...Kermit? Yes, the frog and of course, he’ll turn into a Prince for Kim! How about Khadaffi? ....Oops, he’s hmmm... Killed? Ok, Kaput! ...although, if he was still alive, he would have finally told the truth if his name was spelled with a Q, G or a K.

Well, Google is again in the news, as always....google here, google there, google everywhere. By the way google, is pronounced the same whether with two “o”s or an infinite number of “o”s ... Hence, Gooooooooooooooooogle  is still “Google” ... unlike K/Q/Gadaffi ...lol!

Now we’ve all seen the video of the google car (driverless) taking a blind man to, of all places, a drive thru to buy a burger. Well, google is now coming out with a plan for “google glassses” equipped with a browser, mic, camera, voice recognition, etc., It’s like having your smart phone in front of your eyes. The glasses will display your tweets, e-mails, facebook, data, etc., (with Internet connection of course) Wow! Haven’t we had enough accidents from texting? Although ... although ... with texting it takes days or months to prove if the driver was texting at the time of the accident ... with google glasses the police can put them on (if it’s not broken) and see what the driver was watching when the accident happened.  The caveat "don't drink and drive" will now have a twin "don't wink and drive." ...lol!

Now some people who are against the glasses say it’s too much, people need to sometimes “stop and smell the roses” Well I can already see google responding that the glasses will have your virtual roses delivered right before your eyes - real smell included.

And finally, remember Rick Perry? The Texas governor and former Republican candidate who forgot his facts during the GOP debates? Now he’s blaming his memory lapse on pain killers he was on at the time. Well Rick, know something? ... they killed more than your pain, they also killed your brain! ... they’re pain aaaand brain killers! ...hahahaa

Anyway, have a good Good Friday and Happy EasterManuia le Eseta!

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