This is my home

This is my home
of silver shores
of soothing seas
and serene skies.
As a solemn silhouette
against the last rays
of the setting sun,
I fold my arms in
reverence, in awe
- in gratitude

My body imbibes
the breath of life
in the rejuvenating breeze
and I am blessed
and healed
from a day’s toil and labor.
My eyes are imbued
with rippled hues
of pristine pacific
and placidity
and I find solace
- I feel peace.

This is my home
of innocence
of simplicity
and pastoral pleasure.
Here the sky knows my name
the ocean swells my heart
the trees listen to my thoughts
and the land nurtures my family
- my aiga.

I was born here.
It’s where I find love and happiness
and all that’s divine
- here at home.

~ LV  Letalu 2012

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