Finally ...

... starting to slowly get over his leaving. Since the day he received - and opened - his mission call (May 30th),  the day he entered the Missionary Training Center ( July 25th), to the farewell at the airport (August 13th), I am finally starting to get back some normalcy in my life. Accordingly, therefore, instead of a post as usual, I’ll just have a photo essay. It has been a bitter sweet experience which is, however, becoming sweeter (than bitter) by the week as he writes home telling me, his Mom and the whole family that - as the hymn title proclaims - "Sweet Is The Work". His Sister sister (hahaa) agrees as she, too, is tasting the same sweetness as she labors in her part of the Lord's vineyard.

"I hope they call me on a mission...."

Our Tulafale (Orator)

... with sisters at MTC (Inset: Sister sister currently serving too)

...with Mom - on Sunday of his farewell during which he gave an inspiring talk

... with Dad at the MTC (Missionary Training Center)

... boarding flight with more members of the "army"
... onward Christian soldiers
... our "General Conference babies" - bd. Oct 5th and April 6th

...and both now Called to Serve

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