SEVEN[s] - SEVEN[s] - SEVEN[s]

Me:  Hon, let's go
Dearie: Where?
Me: To Vegas
Her: For what?
Me: It’s Vaaaaygussss baby! Does one need a reason to go to Vegas? .. hello?!
Her: Usually not the good reasons - drive-thru weddings, drive-thru (pun intended I'm sure) divorce and dice

Me: C’mon let’s go hit - and dackle (lol) - the 7's
Her: Oh, you gamble?
Me: Nooooo, not thoooose “SEVENS” - The Rugby 7's
Her: Ua leai gi kupe, koe kaugaka le kesi
Me: We’ll take the small car e le ‘ai kesi ...
Her: Uhmmmm ...I don’t know  ...
Two days later:
Me: So are we going? ...if not for the Sevens, let’s just “get away” ... too cold here!
Her:  Ka'ilo ...OK then! ... the girls, too, want us to go ...
Me: Oh, and we are taking the SUV, ‘cause forecast says it’s going to snow, at least coming back Saturday night ...
Her: that’s easily luaselau kala gas .... :)

And so we went ....on our VegaStrip (lol) .... here's a photo essay

 ... road was clear but cold outside with all that snow. The drive - for me - however was quite pleasant...

 ...and it was warm and comfy inside the car, so why not
slouch, sleep and slumber...aea? ....lol

...for me, at least I had  "sunshine on my shoulder ... makes me happy"  kinda feeling .... I just looove driving in these conditions heheee

...especially with these  "O"some snacks -
pistachios, bananas, yogurt, water and of course the popular native favorite, half-moon pies ... :)


...through sunny Arizona with its typical landscape and topography! - a far cry from the snowy northern igloo-ey regions


.. the Manu on the field during one of their first four wins ...

...Vegas was cold, though a lot warmer than where we're from ... she still wanted to bundle up ... and updating her FB ...LOL!!

The hotel ...
... and what's Vegas without the temptations? - ok, not those temptations - I mean the real Temptations - the doo-wop, soul and disco phenomenon.  Hits like My Girl, Just My Imagination and Papa was a Rolling Stone conjured a throwback experience for me ... the lady with the afro was Poly - Fijian - who could not resist the urge to show some moves ....with her aiuli ...lol!

...this "tunnel" in downtown LV (right in front of our hotel) was a gathering place every night ...crowds were treated to some DJs, dancers, performers, etc.  The Sevens parade was held here too.  First night we walked to eat then returned to this spot.  I had with me a dinner plate (covered) of mahi mahi (fish), rice and mac salad.  We were taking pictures and I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and an adult nondescript male said: "Are you going to finish that; can I have it?"  Dearie and I looked at each other - more out of astonishment - and in unison said "Oh, yes!"

... dearie taking more pics with her phone...right before the mahi mahi went bye bye ...

...the Sevens had its share of fanatics. The trend seemed to be more with visitors - from outside the US.  These kiwi Alan (The Hangover) look-alikes - with baby dolls and strap carriers - should have charged people taking their pictures; I was a paparazzi so I was exempt ...LOL!

... and then there were these five Aussies  (kangaroos, koalas or dingos? ..lol) who dressed like the late Steve Irwin - with blonde wigs and cargo khaki outfits ...

... and while skyscrapers in Vegas add a touch to its famous skyline, this particular building actually "touches the skies and the heavens" in more ways than one.

 ... and so we made the right decision in taking the SUV (Denali) because the weather people were right (for once ....hahaha).  The road was treacherous!  It snowed for the last 200 mile stretch coming home.  We mostly followed the semi trucks that cleared the wheel tracks for us (re: pic).  The other lane (fast) was avoided by the motorists so it was not cleared, there were 3-5 inches of snow in some parts.  For the entire 200 mile stretch, we were going 30-40 mph (vs. normal 70-80 mph), and so it took us twice as long to get  home.  All in all, despite the weather and the Manu's bad luck, it was a wonderful and fun getawayMalo le Faamalosi Manu!  Next time!

Since today is Valentine's Day, this post is brought to you by the letters L and V (not Las Vegas .. LOL!!) - L as in LOVE and V as in VALENTINE  and the letter I as in ILoveYou and as in this (hint hint, wink wink) :

HAPPY VALENTINE to my Icon !! :)


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