Re: New Year

Yep.  It’s one of those times and occasions during which, as a blogger, you almost feel obligated to write and post something. Or else you could be counted as a lazy blogger, indifferent to the rest of the blogosphereans. Worse yet, if they (blogosphereans) can, they might send viruses, malware, spyware or hate cookies to the server/computer that hosts your blog. Who should we blame for such malice? The Romans - Janus specifically - and other calendar makers and inventors? Without them maybe we would not have new years, let alone new year resolutions.  Romans. Yes. But let’s not forget that the pre-contact Samoans too had a calendar of their own based on the planting/harvesting seasons (Tau, hence “tausaga” for year; also tautotogo, tauvevela, vaitau) as well as on the lunar cycles/phases, therefore “masina” (moon) is word for “month”.

So the calendar concept is universal and I must say that it’s a nifty and dandy idea. Imagine life without yearly calendar recurrences, but consisting of only one infinite and unbroken stretch of tedious and monotonous time continuum? That will be so tedious and monotonous - and dull, aye?
But the calendar structure/format can remind us of the “Re” prefix which presupposes doing something again and better, cycles and second chances. And as flawed and fallible creatures we all are, we need cycles and second chances to do better.  Cycles - of times and seasons - can be good, valuable and constructive.

Therefore the New Year and the “Re” prefix make good relaxing bedfellows. The new year reminds us of our duty and responsibility to renew our personal and social relationships. It can also be a time to be resilient and not resort to repression. Resolve to restitute and reconcile with relatives and others, but especially with God. For the latter, remorse and repentance are required. Refuse to be a recalcitrant. Recommended, however, is renewal through relinquishment, renouncing and rejection of any old repulsive habits. It’s also a time to review and reevaluate through retrospection, reflection and recollection any of the things that need to be redressed, repaired, remediated and rectified. Let’s refrain from - and reject - any repugnant behavior. Instead let’s resume and revive those attitudes and behavior that give us the greatest rewards and returns, whether it’s reinvigorating and rebuilding our bodies, mind or spirit, we just need to relax, recommit and not regress. And no relapse either. We need to rewind, reform and/or restore ourselves. So whatever resolutions we have made for this new year, remember to remain resolute!

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