A Memoir

Today is my birthday so I was thinking of something to write as a brief yet meaningful memoir.
My thoughts turned to my mortal journey thus far and the true meaning of life and so I wrote the following poem. When I finished, I wanted a fitting image/picture to augment and reinforce the poem. Since the poem is about the progression and eternal nature of the family, I was thinking of a picture of the temple, not just any temple but the Laie Hawaii Temple where we were sealed as a family. Then I found this picture which complements the poem in a deep and profound way. I originally had “Reflections” as the title and theme, hence the pool reference/metaphor, but as I continued, the poem slowly took on its final and current meaning. Personally, the whole post (poem and picture) is an inspiration.

Laie, Hawaii LDS Temple - Bruce Bean 2010

Eternal Progression

The ripples abound
in the pool we found,
round and round
where images confound
- in silence; no sound.
But we stood our ground

Soon we were able to see
tender branches of a tree
moving happily and free.
Then on bended knee,
we knelt, kissed, vow and agree
on hopes of the highest degree

Now, the pool, placid and pristine
even afar is smooth and serene;
and the trees, oh how green!
Together, our faith in the unseen
- through celestial screen -
of becoming a king and queen.
~ LV Letalu   March 5, 2014


  1. happy birthday.

    PS Searched for birthdays and I randomly found your blog LOL