Sui and Suia (A Poem)

Below is a poem about Sui (Change) and Suia (Changed). 
Note: The root word “sui” also means an official representative, as in a member of Samoa's National Parliament (Fono).
Sui and Suia

Sui’s life is simple.
He fishes the lagoons
and the open ocean for his family
and others - in his canoe.
He comes home
cooks, cleans and cares
for his family and others.
He hikes to the mountains
to plant and harvest;
and comes home
cooks, cleans, cares
and serves the matai
and waits for his turn to become one.
Sui is bestowed a tulafale chiefly title;
and so he represents and talks on others’ behalf.
He sits and talks in the fono
and is also a speaker at the Fono,
where he becomes a respected leader
and an honorable statesman.
Naturally, he develops love and compassion
for others - his countrymen,
and family.

Suia’s life is much simpler.
Others fish the lagoons
and the open ocean for Suia
- in Suia’s motor boat.
The fishers come home
and sell what they catch
then give Suia the money.
Suia drives to the mountains
to control the planting and the harvests.
Suia sends others to the market
to sell what others planted.
And Suia gets the money
so Suia can buy what Suia wants.
Suia makes good money
and Suia’s money talks ... and talks
even talked him into being made a chief
But Suia never sits in the fono
Yet Suia is a Member of The Fono
where Suia becomes a self-serving politician,
and evolves into a Minotaur (aka “Moneytaur”).
And naturally, Suia gains control and power
over others - his countrymen
and family.

LV Letalu ~ 2014
fono - village council of chiefs
Fono - Samoa's National Parliament
matai - chief
tulafale - talking chief

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