...at the dance
Thanksgiving week (last week) was a busy one ... I scheduled the whole week off so I can catch up on my more serious writing pursuits. But then a change of plans in order to accommodate some friends from NZ (Soli and Fred). So we ended up going places - a quick hop out to Vegas (6-7 hr. drive one way) then to other places in Utah, making sure we’re back home on Thursday for Thanksgiving and Friday night for a gig/dance where our band played. Really enjoyed the time with friends and family - GRATEFUL for them. Our Kiwi friends took copious pictures which will eventually find their way to maybe Dropbox, Google Drive or MS Cloud...heheee...meanwhile some selfies/pics ..:)
... at the dance (l to r) dearie, Soli and Martha

... at the dance with dearie and cousin

... at Provo Canyon (Utah) .. a selfie within a selfie Hi Fred!

... at Hoover Dam just outside Vegas. O’Callaghan-Tillman Memorial Bridge in the background - both dam and bridge
are engineering marvels.

... at snowy Park City (Utah) .. almost a skier ...LOL!!

... at the gym

... at work in the winterrrrr
... at leisure

... us at New Year's party - 2015 
...at ... somewhere i le malo o Meleke

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