An original Samoan/Chinese joke

...when I say original, that means it’s likely that you're reading/seeing the joke for the first time, here, in this blog.
Warning: Unless you’re Samoan - and/or understand Samoan - you won’t get the whole joke.
No worries, it’s a culinary joke.

A couple of Samoan ‘afakasi (half-caste) men were talking:

Paulo: Hey Sam, Samoans are the most notorious cannibals in the world
Sam:    What?... How?... Why do you say that?
Paulo: Well, how else? Because they eat isaraelu and eleni...
Sam:    Huh?......oooohh....I get it “Isaraelu” (Israelite) and Eleni (Greek)
Paulo: And you know what else?
Sam:    What?
Paulo: They also looove Chinese!

[cue] "...eleni, eleni a falai faalelei ua sili le manogi ...."

isaraelu is Samoan for “eggplant” but also for Israelite/Israel.
eleni - is “canned herring” but also for Greek/Greece or Hellenes - hence "Eleni"
Chinese, well you know ....foooood!  LOL!


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