RugBYU again, again, again...

... and again.

Two Saturdays ago, BYU went into Rio Tinto Stadium (Sandy, Utah) with an undefeated record to play the Bears of the University of California (Berkeley) for the College Rugby National Championship.  It was number 1 (BYU) against number 2 (CAL).

The result was the same as in the previous three championship games - BYU won again, this time by the score of 30-27.  They're national champions - four years in a row. A "four-peat".

Jonny Linehan (of Auckland, NZ) played a major part in BYU's win with his conversion (kicking) skills.  Rumors are that Linehan might make a crossover move to play as a punter/kicker on the BYU Football team.  The rugby-style punter is becoming a trend in American college football and Linehan should do well.  Congratulations to the BYU rugby team for another perfect season!

"Hoia Taitama!"

...the victory haka

... takes two or more bears to slow down a cougar

... part of the BYU fandom

Jonny Linehan

Photos: KSL, Deseret News and BYU Rugby Facebook

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