Meet Disney's New Princess ... Moana!

Wow!..the discovery of the voice of Moana! Amazing. There is such a thing as SERENDIPITY after all! (considering the story of how she was discovered) ...serendipitously stunning and sensational!

So the guy...hmmm... demigod (Maui), here, is a true "Poly" ... if you know what I mean.  Stereotypically speaking, he has a Samoan/Marquesan full body tattoo, a Maori fish hook, a Hawaiian leaf girdle, Tongan hair and a Micronesian necklace...MicroHuh?  lol!... and a Polynesian physique.
Oh, and speaking of physiques, Auli’i's seems to match well Moana’s .... and for Maui?  Hahahaa....ia magaia le physique a le kama!

... fia fai fo'i saka ika fisique ...LOL!

By the way, in looking at Maui’s tattoos, methinks I see some designs/patterns similar to those of the Incas and Aztecs. Well, of course... and here we dabble again in the theories on the origins of the Polynesians. Let’s see if the movie hints further at the controversy/debate.

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