E a, e fia Samoa?... LOL!

Members of DNCE (Joe Jonas' new band) at the recent 2015 American Music Awards (AMA).  OK, to the point, is that an 'ie faitaga that Cole Whittle (right) is wearing?  Hahahaaa... I'm almost convinced it is.  Perhaps not the first celebrity to have worn one.  Some All Blacks players, possibly out of respect, wore them during their recent trip; the Rock also wore an ie faikaga when he visited Samoa, which doesn't count because it's understandable with his Samoan background, but Cole?  Hmmm!!...and the type of dress shoes he's wearing (versus sandals or others) also are part of the Samoan ie faikaga  formal/elegant style.  Ia fai aku ai fo'i.
(Note: Picture copied/used under the Fair Use laws.)

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