Happy Birthday to Me ...hahaa

It was the weekend of my birthday and the USA Sevens as well - in Vegas. Rumors have it that this is the first and likely the only time the USA Sevens will be in March, as opposed to February.  There were also rumors that they moved it to March this year just in honor of my birthday ...hahaaa.  And several events happened at the same time.  There was the NASCAR (auto racing), the Fight (someone beating up another...of course there’s always a fight in Vegas), College Basketball post-season tournament (West Coast Conference) and of course the Sevens, all on top of the usual fun and 7-7-7 crowd.  It was bedlam indeed in Vegas over the weekend.

And so with best wishes and compliments of some generous family members and friends, we went and became part of the mayhem. To cheer for the Manu, and if the Manu was not doing well, we’d cheer for the USA, and if the USA did not fare well, we’d cheer for the All Blacks, and then we also cheered for Fiji, after Samoa beat them on Friday. There was a Fijian cheering section right next to us on Saturday. We were an international cheering team with all these connections. Well, Fiji ended up being the champions. Congrats FIJI!   That was actually good for the Manu Samoa because that will give them the bragging rights of beating the champions. lol!  The Manu, however, won a ipu (trophy).  Ia poo se ipu ki, ipu mafolafola, ipu omea, ipu popo, ae o le mea sili o la e maua se ipu ...hahaaa.  Malo le faamalosi Manu.  Malolo ia i le malolo a le tamali’i, aea?  Ae kou ke o aku gei fo’i okegia oukou e Stui.  Ia koe kaumafai mai i lea kausaga.  

Some pics.....

...en route to Vegas
"I think, therefore I am" ~ Descartes    ...lol!!
...it's what the manu players need: powerful athleticism

samoa vs. scotland

...manu and scotland players leaving field after game

... us with two of our children

...family/all blacks fans enjoying the games 

Lady Liberty ... not NY but Vegas

Eiffel Tower ...not Paris but Vegas (view from hotel room)

LV (large/long vehicle) ... not in LA (Lalomanu Aleipata ..lol) but Vegas 

"C'mon Manu! ...nice try! ... try again!" ..hahaa..punning on "try" (or "touchdown")

... me and her enjoying the games


...and me - heading home... we'll be back!

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