The Simple Life - A Poem

Samoa Observer has started a new feature/section devoted to highlighting the so-called "simple life" in the villages. So far, villagers have been interviewed and asked for their comments about their lives. As one who was raised and lived in a village most of his early life, I can relate to the comments of these villagers.  I wrote the following poem on the subject.  The "aaaa" rhyme scheme reflects the "simple" and main scheme used in native songs, poems, chants, oratory, etc.

The Simple Life

Don't we all love the simple life?
Photos: Samoa Observer
Because there's hardly any stress or strife
You just need a stick and a big knife
To plant and provide for the children and wife

Basic survival needs the use of the brain
Like a simple shelter from sun and rain
Grow some medicinal plants for pain
But also learn to endure - for no pain, no gain

You will feel comfortable most of the time
From mostly favorable weather and clime
Your hands may get hard from earth's grime
Still, life is one of ease and free from crime

At the end of the day you will be tired
At least you were not sacked or fired
It is meaningful work in which you're mired
Happiness is providing for those you've sired

Subsistence, self reliance and self sufficiency
Should be your motto to maintain efficiency
By and by you will acquire proficiency
Your defense against debility and deficiency

Manual work is gainful and sweating is good
Tiring at times, yet, you're still in happy mood
Confident that fruits of your labors and livelihood
Always provide your family with sufficient food

Learn to live the simple life with much gratitude
To God, with optimism and a positive attitude
Throughout your life resolve to sow that aptitude
And with hard work, you will reap much in plenitude

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