Halloween 2016

Our family's annual Halloween party was on Saturday (29th) hosted by one of our daughters and her husband and kids. Again, it was a fun-filled night with the grandchildren (and adults) and their costumes, half of which were homemade.
Among the guests were Cowgirl and Elvis (or Bruno Mars depending on particular times during the party ..lol!) Freddy Fazbear was there and Princess Potty Troll too. Ironman and his friends, a gumball machine, the Spider and Spiderman, Batgirl and a hippie and several others.  Lotsa food and fun.  We had games too and the doughnut eating contest was the funnest.  Here are just some of the pictures from the party.

...on the way to the party

The Spider ... greeted us!

... Freddy and Potty Troll

... Cowgirl and friend

... group picture


...Cowgirl becoming legally blonde

... and then on Halloween Day, I had the honor, again, of greeting the trick-o-treaters and handing out the candies/lollies. Now, I did not want to don my Presley/Mars costume again so I had to come up with something original and creative.  I called Dearie from work to ask if she had a nice lavalava, and she said yes... (I had in mind the recent official opening of the trailer for Moana) and so I got me a sharpie (marker) and glasses and the rest of the story was the dramatic change from Rock 'n Roll (Elvis) to just The Rock..LOL!!

...doppelganger? ...lol!!

... good and fun times!!!

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