When I deal, it’s a good deal ....

From time to time, our company offers free health checks on vital signs (basics). Today was one of those times. I went in and my numbers were ideal, according to the guys and gals who administered the checkups. My BP ...haha...not the petroleum company ...but Blood Pressure was 111/73, which according to the guy was ideal.

My pulse was 54. The guy said it was a little low, then he quickly said that it’s typical for athletic people to have their resting pulse lower than 50. And he mentioned Lance Armstrong as an example. Wow, Mr. Armstrong? Now there’s an ideal psychological boost. However, I felt that I still needed a second opinion so I came back and checked for some confirmation of what he said and here’s an exact statement I found on one of the Health sites.

“...resting pulse for an adult is between 60 and 80 to be considered normal, unless that person is extremely athletic, then it may be lower.”

I may be "athletic", but being extremely athletic? ...I don’t know ... I would love to be considered as such, even if based solely on stats....lol.

Oh, and then my BS ...haha...again not the usual interpretation, but Blood Sugar, was 87; again the lady who checked it said it was ideal.

So there’s my somewhat clean and ideal bill of health for now ... oh, and tonight happens to be gym night - work out and play racquetball. Good Deal!

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