Riches, Happiness and Mountains

Do the first two sound familiar and cliched? I'm sure we've all heard the expressions: "Money is not everything", "Money does not buy happiness" and the like. Though relatively true, the expressions are also sarcastically comical as well as inherently duplicitous and beguiling.

They're comical in the sense that to an average Tom, he knows that the expressions are false but can also be true, or sound true. Relativeness plays an important role in our interpretation and acceptance of these adages. For example, people define happiness differently and therefore likely to have different means of attaining their own respective versions of happiness. And beguiling in the sense that, more often than not, these expressions are uttered mostly by people who have lots of money, the "been there done that" clique - like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett - whether expressed in a serious and sincere way, or in a sneering and sarcastic manner by some.

On the other hand, I'd venture that an average or poor person, too, can advocate the expressions, though most likely impelled by envy, rationalization or by some lofty religious and moral principle.

What I would certainly deplore, however, is when someone, especially with ample opportunities to better and improve his meager conditions and station in life, would still be content and complacent because of a skewed and literal interpretation of the expressions. Furthermore, condemning the injustices of excess in order to espouse pauperism as a raison d'etre  is repugnant as far as I'm concerned.

Just today, I was reading this headline: "U.S. Is Richest Nation, But Not Happiest."  Again we find here the age-old association of wealth and money with happiness, more specifically the refutation and invalidation of the assumptive direct link and connection. And in case you're curious as to which countries were the happiest, according to the poll/survey - it's Kiwiland (New Zealand) and Denmark sharing the top prize.

Well you NZers, I don't know what it is that makes you happy but it could be all the mamoe on the lush and verdant hillsides. The sights alone can be delightful, alluring and therapeutic. Or it could be the divine associations and symbolism of the animal that cast the happy aura and spell on y'all. Or it could be rugby! ...LOL.

Well, definitely not to be outdone, we here in Utah have had our share of the same honor nationwide. The recent poll/survey ranked the happiest states as follows: 1. Utah  2. Hawaii (yep, we beat another favorite state of mine), 3. Wyoming  4. Colorado  5. Minnesota  6. Maryland  7. Washington  8. Massachusetts
9. California  10. Arizona (oh, AZ, my other favorite, at least you made the top 10). I don't know if Arizona can maintain its tenth ranking after that immigration law which made many of its residents disgruntled and possibly UNhappy. LOL!

In case you haven't noticed, the Mountain states (Utah, Wyoming and Colorado) are ranked in the top four, so could it be the mountains - the beautiful Rockies? New Zealand too has lotsa beautiful mountains. After all, doesn't the Good Book extol and laud the mountains?

"... and as the dew that descended upon the mountains ... for there the Lord commanded the blessing[s], even life for evermore." ~ Psalms 133: 3

I'm sure that life "upon the mountains" is one of joy and happiness, right?

Anyway, don't worry, just be happy!

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