It's a bird, it's a plane ... no it's a car!

Okay, how can I sort in an orderly way the whole gamut of thoughts, emotions, and questions that are bombarding my mind about the flying car invention? Yes, I said flying car! - a car and plane combo (carlane?), in other words. And I'm not referring to my family's white Toyota Stout pickup of the seventies, especially when I was the driver and people started naming the truck the va'alele (plane), and so it followed that I gained a notorious reputation - with the old and the timid at least - as the 'ave vaalele (pilot).

Anyway, the flying car is an invention by Terrafugia, a company founded by MIT graduates.  Wait, before you utter a sigh of shock and disbelief, that "M" is for Massachusetts - not Manukau Institute of Technology (Auckland, NZ)..LOL!... which shares the same acronym with its world renowned US counterpart.

I've seen a video clip (here) of the Terrafugia Transition - the official name of the flying car - and apart from its price tag of almost $200K (US), I am in awe of how the carlane will revolutionize transportation and commuting in major metropolitan areas.

I understand that there will be laws and regulations that will govern the operation of this invention. But there will also be those who will break the law if only to test the limits of such laws. For example, imagine driving down a long highway, and you're late to an important meeting, plus a traffic jam up ahead. Well, I'd expect to see the car taking off into the air, provided of course you have sufficient takeoff space.

The flying car also lends a whole new meaning to the kids asking the parents to borrow the car: "Dad/Mom, can I borrow the car ...and plane?" The conversation can take on a whole new path: "Are you driving or flying?" "Both"... Heheee.

And what if the highway patrol chases you and you take off flying? And will your license now be called a "pilover's or drilot's license" (from coining "pilot" and "driver")?

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