“Whose ass to kick....”

Mr. Obama is in hot water because of his administration’s pathetic and terrible handling of the oil spill in the gulf compliments of BP. Obama has been known to be real cool under pressure - according only to the Democrats, that is - until now that he has felt the sticky oil starting to seep and creep up his ass (Obama’s term) and British Petroleum’s arse (to be linguistically correct). During his interview with Matt Lauer, Obama said that he knows “whose ass to kick” when it comes to the responsibility issue for the spill.  Whooh! Mr. Obama is talking tough, better watch out. I hope he’s not on dope - again!

Now I won’t be surprised if the obscenity becomes eternally associated with Mr. Obama and his presidency. After all, perhaps the most popular acronymic interpretation of his name - OBAMA - is:
One Big Ass Mistake America.

So “whose ass to kick”? For the oil spill, I don’t know whose muri to kick, but come 2012, it's Mr. Obama’s ass (the donkey, that is, the symbol for the Democratic Party) that should be kicked out of the White House.

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