Happy Days

We’re approaching that part of the year that we Samoans often refer to as “aso fiafia” (happy days), and especially for those of us who live in the US, ‘cause our aso fiafia start sooner than those in the islands. In October, it’s Halloween ...so we say “Happy Halloween”, then in November we celebrate “Thanksgiving” and yes, we say “Happy Thanksgiving”, then come December with Christmas and again we say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” ...ioe, o le heppi lava ...!!

But I never had much of a penchant for Halloween. In fact it’s gotten worse in Utah because of the cold weather. I believe that candies are nowhere enough incentive to be out in cold and wet weather - if lucky - of late October, let alone in a funny or ridiculous outfit. ...hahaha.... But all that is changing s-l-o-w-l-y.  The kids love it though that even the cold rain this past weekend did not stop them. I guess I like Halloween as long as I’m inside and not out there knocking on doors with frozen knuckles. Another family came to our house last Saturday and asked: “Where’s the singing Elvis?” ...they remember the year when I greeted the trick-or-treaters each with a different Elvis song. Adults too enjoy dressing up in their favorite costumes. Some companies encourage their employees to wear costumes while others have jovial and convivial Halloween parties.
Family costume party 2010
Our family, for several years now, had been holding a Halloween get together - a costume party. Everybody dresses up in their favorite costume and we have treats, snacks, desserts, and sometimes a typical Samoan feast of kalo, palusami, pisupo, mamoe, etc. (Now that's my kind of partay.) We also have lots of fun games during which the men are pitted against the women. We play charades, pictionaries ... perform skits, talents, etc. ...something for everyone...the children ma le aiga akoa uma lava - immediate and exteeeeended ... :)

I actually do not like to spend money on a costume, I’d rather be creative and use anything lying around the house. I’m cheapo! ....hehehe.... Actually, last time I had a bought Elvis costume- a cheap one - but it was for/from another gig. And this year I had to go with my other idol Vin Diesel (re: Idol Worship post) of triple X (xXx) and other action thrillers. I drew the tattoo from memory - a rough replica of Diesel’s armband ... dabs of face paint on face, arms and neck ... sunglasses, of course, a cutoff and a couple of chain necklaces .. and ... voila!!

"triple X"
The most hilarious costume of the night - though extremely unorthodox and tragicomical - was the pregnant nun (pic is copyrighted...lol). It quickly reminded me of another Halloween in California some years ago. A fellow employee dressed up as a nun (an impregnable one...punning of course ..haha), and a customer came in and told her jestingly: “That’s the closest you’ll ever get to being righteous.”

If that customer is right, then I think I’ll keep a habit hanging in the closet, just to get that righteous feeling, ... even if I have to cross-dress to get it....LOL! Conversely, I doubt the priest’s robe consigns the same righteous feeling, considering the much publicized scandal.

Anyway it was a fun night, like other previous costume parties. Thank you family ...keep it up! ... again, o le Heppi  lava!

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