Suspicious "Mines"

Wow! I have something in common with one of the Chilean miners rescued just recently. It’s the admiration for the late King of Rock ‘n Roll - Elvis. This particular miner was on the Letterman Show last night. Through a translator, he chatted with the show’s host - David Letterman.

The miner recounted some of the experiences he had with other miners while trapped and waiting for the rescue. He was asked to comment on some of the things they did to maintain their sanity and keep them entertained. Mr. Letterman then said that he had heard stories of him (miner) singing Elvis songs with the group. The miner nodded affirmatively and then soon started to sing some lines from “Suspicious Minds” one of Elvis’ all-time favorites.

The late night show band immediately picked it up with an instrumental backing and soon the miner was on his feet with a “whole lotta shaking”, pelvic gyrations and kicks complete with arm twirls and drum cues typical of the Elvis’ Las Vegas rendition. Simply hilarious!

Here’s an interesting impression I had while watching and listening to the interview, but especially having to do with the song “Suspicious Minds”. While it may have been the miner’s favorite, it was also fitting and ironic in the words of the verse he sang which contains the allusion of being trapped. It goes: “We’re caught in a trap; I can’t walk out.....we can’t go on together with suspicious minds”.

Anyhow, the miners’ ordeal is one of hope, heroism and survival. It’s one that typifies the strength, valor and durability of the human spirit; and apparently it didn’t hurt either to have a bit of rock ’n roll in the mix - both of which (rock and roll), incidentally, are things native to mines.

For these miners, this might be a good protest chorus:
“We’re caught in a trap, we can’t walk out .......and we can’t work on together in suspicious mines.”

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