On the road again ...

My family’s Arizona respites of the last two years have been sporadically stated, hinted and implied in this blog. Brett (our son-in-law, and Tasha’s husband) graduates on Friday in Automotive Engineering from UTI (Universal Technical Institute) just outside Phoenix. Brett’s pedagogy was the reason for our Arizona brief and fickle love-hate affair. Love because of the balmy weather in Winter Spring and Fall; and hate because of the burning sweltry Summer.  Both sentiments are weather related and quite ironic for someone from Samoa doncha think? The whole clan is traveling to the Valley of the Sun - that moniker alone brings a heartwarming feeling and energy boost considering the almost seven inches of snow on our front yard now; and it is not melting fast enough - if at all.  Come Christmas, we're going to have a glacier ...hahaa...well, at least it will help with global warming.

Again it’s a thirteen-hour drive to AZ - fourteen tops. As a group, I guess it will take even longer - the buddy system on long road trips is like multitasking to a savvy challenged dork. It’s simply slow and draggy. Luckily, there doesn’t seem to be a blizzard or snowfall - so far - lurking or looming along Interstate 15 tomorrow evening (which is our departure time), or even the duration - including the returning leg - of the trip.

Long road trips are a funnoyance (pardon my Palin impression). “Fun” in the sense that you get to experience and see new places and “annoyance” in the sense that you have to sit - as a driver - the whole way. But thank goodness for cruise control, auto/multiple CD Changers w/ stereo Hi-Fi; DVD Video Systems (w/ surround sound), GPS gadgets and services, customizable and heated seats (for cold weather), and a number of other modern conveniences that help in making road trips bearable, if not more enjoyable.

Oh, and I looove Arizona oranges. They’re the best ...EST!!!

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