Some Christmas pics

the rest of the three thousand and one pics somewhere on FB ... but no place like home on Christmas with family.  I finally got to watch "Tautoga Gausia" during the break, and will be posting a review in a day or two. We played  "Just Dance" (Wii ), and that's great cardio workout right there, not to mention aquiring some new dance moves for the New Year's ward partay ...yeahh rigghhtt....LOL... with the way the weather is now, I might yield to being snowbound at home sweet home .... "Just Dance" was a perfect way to burn some serious calories after indulging in typical Hamo food ...taro, palusami, chop suey, oka, pua'a cooked the Poly way....kugu viliviliring ....
the girls - l to r: Naeya, Eden, Kora and Neni

G and Tasha relaxing

the main tree - the day after

snack/dessert table christmas eve

Kora just wanted to be in the pic

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