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1. Ok, mark (no pun intended) this name: Mark Halperin
Occupation (or maybe previous occupation):   MSNBC senior political commentator
Status: Suspended
Reason: Called President Obama a [bleep]! - No, it's not the "n" word.

Here's an excerpt from The Christian Science Monitor (CSM) version of the news:

"Mark Halperin was suspended indefinitely on Thursday, after casually tarring President Obama with … well, let's call it an epithet that polite company uses only as a nickname for Richard."

First: Sorry readers, the publication is not "Science Monitor" - but "Christian Science Monitor" - otherwise they would have printed the actual anatomical term. It's only a "christian" thing to do I guess. (Btw other news sources like HuffPost printed the actual term.)

Second: CSM will not print the term which does not offend a PARTICULAR person, but they would rather print something that would offend a real person - nickname for RICHARD! ...yes, all the 20 million people named "Richard" in the world. Now that's a real "christian" thing to do.  hehee

Third: CSM calls it "...an epithet that polite company uses ..." So the term can be used in a polite context and setting, aye? So why suspend the guy? I'm sure MSNBC is a polite "company" ... and in CSM's case, why not print it "politely" then? ... Or who knows, maybe on the President's real birth certificate his real name is Richard.   hahaha
Wait, but I thought MSNBC was pro Obama? I guess that with the bad economy now, even the President's friends are starting to see their boomerang coming back and so now they're all screaming: "Duck!" (yes, pun intended) ...lol

2.  Now this next news item involves a Real Duck! ...hehee
His name is Noibi - a Nigerian who traveled from NY to LA using an expired boarding pass, and the pass was not even his!! He was arrested by the FBI and released - yes, released!! And that's not the end. He again tried to board a flight from LA to Atlanta on yet another expired boarding pass - again not his. And that wasn't all. The FBI again arrested him and found that he had 10 other boarding passes on him - all expired and all NOT HIS! ...
Where and how in the world does he get all these passes? Shall we blame the TSA and the airlines boarding/gate staff for the breaches? ...though the guy himself should be called an
"expired boarding [p]ass"   They say it's the body odor (the so-called "expired odor"?  Lol) that also drew the people's attention to the guy.

3.  Scorpion- not snakes - on the plane
A guy on an Alaska Airlines flight was bitten by a scorpion. Yep, a scorpion which did not  have a boarding pass!! I guess the biggest relief for the Airline is when they found out it was a real scorpion - and not an explosive or a terrorist in a scorpion suit, or a real scorpion with a bomb attached to it.  Come to think of it, the scorpion was on the wrong flight, it should have been on the stinky flier's flight and in his particular seat.  Ia fai aku ai fo'i!

4.  On the political front, Michele - no, not Obama's wife - but Michele Bachmann the rising candidate in the GOP field for 2012. She boldly revealed during one of her campaign stops that she had a miscarriage. And some pundits are lauding this as an effective political gambit to connect with the people! Reeeaaally? Adding salt to the wound, one writer said that imagine other GOP candidates doing the same thing - will it be effective? Oh yeeeaaaah? ... then Romney, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Huntsman,... please go ahead and reveal your own miscarriages! ..Duuhh!  Or is that why Obama won because he was able to connect with/to the voters by revealing his smoking dope?  It makes sense ...'cause with the terrible state the country is in now, those same voters are now saying this "We must have been on dope or something ...!"  when referring to their vote in 2008 for Obama.  They are certainly able to connect! I think it's a new political trend by candidates to win votes - let's call it  CONnetting!

5. And the Pope made history by sending out a historic tweet using an Apple iPad.  I wonder if he feels omnipresent  now with his tweeting ..hahaha.  And wouldn't it be nice if the Pope had an app on his iPad to respond automatically to tweeted confessions ...even better, call the iPad app "uBad". ...lol!

6. And finally this receipt  left at an ATM after a withdrawal in NY. A picture is worth a thousand words. Feel free to wonder about things like, $99 million in a savings account?? (whose interest rates suck) or why the owner needed $400 cash at 10 o'clock at night? ..hmmmm... In-and-Out burger stop maybe?... yeaaariiight!
If you're like me, I don't care about those things, I just wished that's the balance on my savings receipt ....or I'll start rationalizing ...like "money is not everything" .. ..ooohh Shudddd Up LV!!! ..  Hahahaaa ....

Well, have a good weekend everyone, and a good long weekend and a fun Fourth, for those of us in

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