Caption Time!

I like pictures because they can be worth many maany maaany words. Most of those words are from our own opinions, analysis and interpretations of the pictures' contents.
This is going to be a new - and regular - feature in my blog  called "Caption Time" in which I will post a picture and attach my own caption(s). Most of the pictures - at least the first ones - will be of Samoa but I will also try to include others. Captions will be mostly humorous and good-natured and are not meant to be derisive. (Hey, let’s laugh at ourselves sometimes. It’s healthy!) You can create and assign your own caption too and then laugh quietly to yourself ... LOL!  After all, laughter is said to be the best medicine.

Ok, here’s the first two ...

Husband (calls to tourist taking the picture): "One moah phonograf pleese ... foa my jurren ing Niu Sila"

Wife: "Aooo e le ose phonograf sole ... o le photograph, 'aia lou vale!"

Husband:  "Sigiva, ku’u ku’u aku le maile lea la’a u mai lo’u magava."

 "Oi kafefeee .... miiisi akoa, so’u faakope aku ma a’u kipoki omoomo ia, ua maka’i mai a’u e keige lae... Aauoooishaa! ... ka ma ae i nei tipoti iila ae ma’omo’omo!"

Teine (with black bag): Kama, seki a kipoki a ka’ua, ... o fai sau sefe?

Tama: E leai sau feau ... o kipoki a leisi fafige la e faakali mai ole ...

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