Should Ineluctable Lead to Unelectable?

Okay, blame Obama. For what?...for the poor economy? - Oh, yes, I think so!

Is it fair? Who cares, the blame is - and should be - on him. Let me say this: It may not be fair, but ineluctable!

Whenever the President of the United States says: " The buck stops here!", that better apply not only to his authority, but also to his accountability ...as a Leader!

For the first two years - and even into the third - of Obama's administration, the blame keeps going back to President Bush - and the Republicans. Obama's finger keeps pointing to Bush for the poor economy he has inherited. He even used the "car in the ditch" analogy - that Bush and the Republicans drove the car (economy) into a ditch, hence the problem with the present economy. Here:

"[The Republicans] drove the economy into a ditch … We're pushing and we're shoving to get the car out of the ditch ….The whole time, the Republicans are standing up there, comfortable. Sipping on a Slurpee, watching us … Finally, we get this car back on level ground … And they say, ‘‘Excuse me, we want the keys back.'' You can''t have the keys back because you don''t know how to drive!"
What? They got the car back on level ground? I guess their version of "level" is associated with bumpy and sinuous ground. Remember "Yes we CAN?" I think the reason they CAN'T, is because the car is still in "D" (ahem) yes, for "Democrats" and so the car has sunk further into the Ditch. Duh!

So if Obama and the Democrats blamed Bush for the bad economy they inherited why should Obama not blamed for the mess America is in now? Or is it still Bush's fault?

American life is replete with examples of leaders' responsibility/accountability and consequences, yet some politicians seem to be indifferent and thick-skinned (ok , I know, politicians are inherently thick-skinned) about the whole concept.

For example when a professional sports team has a losing record, do they fire the players? Hardly! Instead they fire the coach - the Leader. When a company keeps losing money, they fire the CEO - the Leader. When an organization does not achieve its goals, the Leader has to go. Then why should it be different in politics? (Again I know the BIG difference - it's politics! Sadly politics is responsible for most major decisions that affect our lives. In Obama fashion, therefore, let's place the blame elsewhere ...uhmm, maybe ... the Greeks?)

Again, is it fair to blame Obama for the slumping economy? Why not? And even if it's not fair, it is ineluctable ... and therefore, he should be unelectable in 2012.

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