Samoa is Survivorland

Personally I think Samoa should be dubbed as "Survivorland" at least for its tourism advertisements and promotional campaigns. Samoa is, again, picked for the filming location of the full episodes of the new Survivor South Pacific as part of the popular Survivor TV reality series. This is the third time Samoa has been picked for filming of the Survivor series - Survivor: Samoa, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and now Survivor: South Pacific - to be aired September 14th. (Rumors say that Season 24 - South Pacific being 23rd - will also be filmed in Samoa.)

In today's instant reach of global information, these opportunities are priceless especially for a country that is increasingly dependent on tourism revenue. This is not lost to the Prime Minister himself who has lauded the perpetual exposure that Samoa receives through these trendy TV reality shows. Positive exposure equals tourists and tourists equal infiltration money ....and more!

The fringe (pun intended) benefits of these TV/media ventures and tourism are found in the beautification efforts in the outlying villages where beaches and other natural treasures and attractions are magnets to foreign travelers and vacationers. The PM has therefore urged the villages to "protect their forests, their beaches, their mangroves, their reefs and other natural bounties...."  Ecotourism is becoming popular because of its environment-friendly focus and Samoa is poised to become a favorite destination for ecotourists and travelers of similar interests. The Survivor TV series is an effective means of promoting this campaign.

Tourism also, in turn, helps in perpetuating and maintaining many cultural and traditional elements of more primitive Samoan society. In the end therefore many of the cultural, traditional, natural and environmental aspects of Samoa will be preserved - and survive.

Samoa has long been considered as "the best kept secret" in the South Pacific. Dubbing Samoa as "Survivorland" - whether due to a popular TV series or otherwise - is also fitting considering its relative resilience in maintaining its traditional mettle, and continual overall survival, even in the face of aggressive modernity.

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