Seen the "Newer Coke"?

Ia se'i fai aku se kala funny ... I hope.

There was the original Coke, the New Coke and then there's the "newer coke". Remember the days of the original Coke in Samoa? ...the "Real Thing"? The one that was around in the 70's and 80's when meat pies, keke pua'a, half-moon pies with a faguigu lapo'a (large bottle of soft drink) were the relish around town after school? And remember L&P - Lemon Paeroa? .. . which occupied the other end of the pendulum? Hahaa... I couldn't stand it though I did acquire its taste many pies later. But Coke was it!

And then there was the New Coke which aimed at replacing the original one. Some did not like it, so too bad ......

Well all these carbonated drinks - ae maise lava le kama o Coca Cola - made you involuntarily puff carbonation through your nostrils, invaded your tear ducts, then got teary eyed while standing outside the Tivoli Arcade. LOL!

And always standing by, watching and staring, was a little boy waiting for the empty bottle. I always wondered why they wanted the empty bottles. Recycling was not yet introduced at the time. But it was some local bottling companies that bought them back from these peddlers.

And there was still another reason for collecting these Coca Cola bottles - you just have to walk to the other side of town to see them re-used for the "newer coke" ... and being sold at the Makeki Fou ... Ia le real diet coke lele ...Ta Daaa! ....with ape, fugafuga, loli, etc.

"Newer Coke"
This newer coke oftentimes evoke laughter in stories and anecdotes of embarrassing moments, especially when the bottle breaks and the contents are spilled in a bus, at the airport or another public place. The smell can set off a foul odor alarm.

Amazingly this newer coke can boost one's immune system and has many other healthful benefits. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same thing about that other Coke, diet or regular! ... with some harmful health effects.

So as far as I'm concerned, the "newer coke" is the real Real Thing !!  Ia ua sau loa ma le fia ‘ai/igu i se newer coke ... aka fagusea! ... ae faaaoga foi ma le momogo pulu e valu ai le magesto lakou ....Hahahaaa!

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