The BBB !!

AP photo of Barack's Big Black Bus
The Americans have been thrown under the bus - The Big Black Bus (BBB) as it is now called.

The Bus is certainly BIG in size and . ..uhmm... price - $1.1 million. Yes, as if the US is not in deep-dodo-debt and yet Obama is like a little kid who runs joyfully to Toys-R-US (pun intended) and buys himself a toy on his parents’ overextended credit.

So what about this BBB? (Actually it’s not one but two such $1.1- million buses!)

The Secret Service says it’s about time they have buses like this in the President’s fleet. The Bus is armored, has bulletproof windows, shiny wheels and high-tech features/options. I’m sure inside the Bus is a BassBlastingBoomBox too - might as well, they go together with the shiny wheels. And while we’re at it, let’s add another “B” for a personalized license plate "Barack’s Big Black Bus"

Again, the Americans have been thrown under the BBB Bus. In what sense? Well, it’s not so much the money spent or the bad timing of the purchase (since the Secret Service says that it will be used for other dignitaries and Presidents too), but the fact that Obama is campaigning in three states using the $1.1 million Bus and then disguising it as a Bus Tour (yeaaah riiiight!), that certainly begs the question “whooyoofoolin’ man?” Obama’s people say it’s a bus tour, but during the stops, the President continues to attack the GOP 2012 candidates and blasting the Republicans.  C’mooon!  Oh, and the three states he’s touring are the three that propelled him to victory in 2008.  So is Obama starting to size up the 2012 election? Definitely!

And since he has blamed everyone else but himself for the current mess with the economy, it’s possible he is going to blame Sarah Palin for giving him the idea of a Bus Tour as a cover for campaigning ... Maaaan ...Politicians!!

The Democrats say that the President needs to “get to the people” as the main reason for the so-called “bus tour”. Well, in that case, here’s a plea please: Don’t run over we the people  trying to get to us the people.

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