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Fox/Google GOP Debate and the 2012 Race for the White House.
Yes, again... another debate. And again, Romney won on Thursday night last week in Florida according to the pundits and surveys. Texas governor Rick Perry hurt more than helped his 2012 run. He demonstrated inept and feckless debating skills.... again. His campaign is in damage control mode now with key efforts to reverse if not stop the Perry fall.

...but Perry is not the only one falling! A NASA satellite is falling - or already fell - to Earth....where, by the way, on the other side of the US political aisle Obama is still falling - in his overall approval ratings and in his handling of the economy. Too many falls?  It must be Fall season already ...What? Oh, it is? ...Well, there!! ...LOL!

HuffPost-Patch Power Outsiders survey
Romney is polling well nationally, especially against Obama. Romney, not Perry, beats Obama in these polls. Despite Romney’s good poll numbers, the Republican Party still seems to be in discontentment and wants another candidate especially now that Perry seems to be self-destructing and fizzling. What’s the problem with the GOP? (Is it still the Mormon thing?? Saaaad!) And to make matters worse, in paradoxical terms, Newsweek just came out with a new cover story on Romney saying that his main problem is that he’s "too conscientious!" What? “Too conscientious”?... Really? This is according to some index methodology/study of political candidates’ traits and Romney will not win because of that. That is pathetic if such analysis is a reflection of the American psyche. Very sad indeed!

Well, but then maybe what America needs now is a conscientious president, yeah? When was the last time we had a conscientious prez? ..hmmm...Reagan? or Clinton? ... though for the latter, it was a completely different kind of conscientiousness ...LOL!

Now rumors abound that Chris Christie (governor of New Jersey) is being courted to run. Are you kidding me? The guy cannot run (nothing personal!). We shall see what he says in his speech tonight at the Reagan Library. Don’t tell me that Christie will buckle under GOP pressure.  Please learn a lesson from Perry, at least!. So, by golly, GOP, get behind Romney! Forget about his negatives (all candidates are NOT PERFECT and all have baggage of their own!) but look at where America is now with its economy. And when you have a lineup of all the candidates - including, I mean especially Obama - Romney is THE ONLY candidate with the experience, qualifications and business acumen to have the best chance of turning this crisis around! (Herman Cain is second.)  So what and who are you (repubs) waiting for?? And if you (republicans, yes you) want Obama out, then Romney is your guy! If not, then sorry but you (yes you Republicans) and all Americans, sans Obama diehards, will have to endure four more years of fears and tears.

And Donald (Trump) needs to remember the “birds of the same feather” adage and endorse Romney. They are both successful business men and popular CEOs and they also share the same/similar views on the currency manipulation shenanigans of the Chinese. They also both have the hair thing going....hahaa... so c’mon The Donald, do the right thing!

A smoking pot mama
A kindergartener in Missouri took a crack (drug) pipe and some crystal meth to his show-and-tell. Good for him because his mom (the user) was later arrested.  Is this a smoking hot - I mean smoking pot - mama, or what? Again, parents, please help your kids with their homework, but not DO it for them, or the homework will come back to haunt you. hehehe....

Manu/Fiji game
We watched the Manu/Fiji game and it was not bad at all. Fiji has certainly lost a lot of its rugby luster of yesteryears. Now bring 'em on - ‘em Boks!  Is it just me or are NZers also concerned and/or bothered by the dual loyalty of the Samoans (and other Pacific Islanders for that matter), who are residents and citizens of NZ, in these games? It doesn’t seem that big of an issue. Maybe it will be if/when the final game is between the Manu and the All Blacks - or any other time the two teams play, aea?

(By the way, I didn’t make it to the Head of State lecture; I had some last minute change of plans.)

I am always intrigued and fascinated by new innovations especially in computer technology. One of the latest ones is called "cinemagraphs" which are still images that move - yes, move.  Do we still call them still photos/images then? Yes, because the originals are still photos.  I’ve seen these being used in TV ads. Watch these not-so-still pictures ... or cinemagraphs.  Aaaamaaazing, aye? ...third one especially!

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