How about that brain teaser? It's not just a weekend. It's a week with a long end, in other words, long weekend.  LOL!

Labor Day 2011 weekend traffic - Deseret News photo
Long weekend means looooong lines of traffic (as in this picture - not far from our place) from today's (Friday's) gridlock from people traveling on this Labor Day weekend. This particular stretch of freeway is undergoing construction for two additional lanes being added to both directions - 12 lanes altogether.... timely of course.

Now, for me, I'm staying put - at home. I do not want to deal with this kind of traffic; it's bedlam and it's the same with any long weekend.

I do love long weekends however especially when I'm not traveling - and driving. Staying home makes long weekends longer and more enjoyable. It makes Friday longer, Saturday too but especially Sunday. That's the feeling I get of these days. It essentially means I get to stay up late Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

So here's what I've penciled in for the Labor Day weekend schedule

Friday night - Eat out ! ...meaning we're taking our food, sit and eat outside in the yard! ....LOL!

Taleni & Tahi
 Saturday - It's All Football Day - "eat, drink and sleep football" - Will attend/watch grandsons'  games, (need pics of you Kalobe and Jamison!!) then watch BYU's first game on ESPN ... exciting season for my Cougars! ...will try to squeeze in mowing the lawn!...haha ...stay up late play pool and games.

Sunday - Go to church and then hang out with family in the evening - Stay up late have some games, and spend time with family!

Monday - early morning run, then do yard work, water lawn and garden, set up backyard for family BBQ then movie night with the whole clan in backyard, and get the braziers (firepits) going ....

...til Tuesday, so loooong ..................


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