Romney is now a "Christiean"!

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Yes, Mr. Jeffress, here’s news for ya!  Chris Christie, as of this writing, will have already officially endorsed Romney - not Perry.  In other words, Romney is now a “Christiean”!  I guess, according to you, that's the closest Romney will come to being called a Christian, aye?  LOL!

It’s a timely endorsement for Romney ahead of the New Hampshire debate tonight where it’s expected to be ugly. Romney’s fellow GOP contestants will all try to attack, spite, malign and drill him on the Obamacare issue especially in light of some newly released White House information on Romney’s connections to the controversial health care program. Romney will also be the bull’s eye because of his frontrunner status.  He has a big lead in the polls in NH; he is also leading in Iowa in polls released today. Iowa and NH are the first in the nation primaries. If Romney wins both, his chances of winning the Republican nomination are near guaranteed.  Hence the 2012 general election (against Obama) will be a duel of two Harvard law graduates (Romney with Law and MBA degrees, Obama with just a Law degree). All things considered especially competence, qualifications and experience, Romney can, and should be the next President of the United States.

I will certainly be watching the debate tonight. Pundits see it as a make-or-break for Perry.

Again, Christie’s endorsement ahead of the debate is huuuge (no, no, no pun intended!...lol) for Romney! Christie is the man! I still have him as a first choice for VP, with Rubio waiting in the wings as second choice.....

So...let’s ... get ... ready ... tooooo .... Debate!

Just finished watching the Debate.  It was a good one for Romney ...AGAIN!  Here's some early post-debate analysis.

Huffington Post:
8:39 PM  Mitt Romney Wins Big
HANOVER, N.H -- The consensus in the spin room after the debate was clear enough: Not only had Mitt Romney won big, but he had done it partly because of an unrealistic debate format, which made the mistake of assuming that just because the GOP candidates were sitting at a Charlie Rose table, they would behave like a calm and equable Charlie Rose guest.

Washington Post:
We live-blogged every minute of it but also came out with a quick take on who won and who lost. Our thoughts are below.

Mitt Romney: We expected Romney to shine in this economic-focused debate and shine he did. Romney was knowledgeable and detailed — as expected — but also relaxed to the point where he let a little bit of his personality show. Not only was he head and shoulders above the other candidates on stage when it came to looking presidential, Romney also showcased his human side. His best debate in a string of very solid performances.
Others: Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich,

Rick Perry: The problem for Perry in the first three debates in which he participated was that he didn't seem to have enough answers to the questions thrown his way. Tonight, Perry had a different problem: he didn't get many questions and, for much of the debate, felt like an afterthought. When Perry did get opportunities, he tended to try to bend each question back to his preferred talking point — energy — and often made awkward transitions to do it.
Others: Michele Bachmann,

The Guardian:
Mitt Romney's performance leaves others on the sidelines in GOP debate. In a debate which was dominated by the economy and short on policy detail, Romney's main rival Rick Perry failed to deliver

Romney again outclassed the opposition in Tuesday’s Bloomberg/Washington Post debate. Again, none of the other GOP contenders laid a glove on him.

ALSO: Christie on Robert Jeffress:
"These type of religious matters have nothing to do with the quality of somebody's ability to lead," Christie said. "Any campaign that associates itself with that type of conduct is beneath the office of president of the United States."

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