One Down! ....

...New Hampshire next ... and then a few more to go before Romney seals the nomination?

Mitt and Ann Romney: America's next first couple?
The Iowa vote is in and Romney won by a split hair (no pun intended) margin of eight votes. Rick Santorum came in second. But a win is a win for someone who has been the frontrunner since the beginning of the 2012 GOP race.

Now Politico has reported that the Republican Party conservative elites (aka religious bigots) are rumored to have already started calling an emergency meeting to pick which of the remaining candidates (sans Romney) to support. In other words, a blatant bigoted conspiracy to stop Romney. These morals-touting hypocritical ultraconservatives, might just as well support Obama. Because Romney is the only candidate who is seen as the ONE to defeat the “Anointed One”.

The vest obsessed Rick Santorum, the last of the concocted anti-Romney candidates has surged within the last several days and by virtue of coming in second in Iowa, he is seen as the likely candidate these CONServatives will rally around. Santorum has picked up the baton after all the other screwball surrogates (Bachmann, Perry, Cain and Gingrich) had risen and fallen in the polls, hence out of contention - barring miraculous surprises - due to scandals and ineptitude.

But if the CONServatives want to coalesce around Santorum and make this a long drawn-out Primary, they will be disappointed in the end by Romney winning the nomination. Now if by a long shot, Santorum or another not-Romney candidate ends up being the nominee, because of the ultraconservative vote, still they will be more disappointed because Obama will beat their consensus candidate in the end.

These CONServatives still have a lot to learn about the shifts in American politics. Inasmuch as I support their conservative values agenda, such platforms cannot be realized with a parochial and strictly partisan approach. They need independents and moderates on their side to secure the White House. And it’s Romney who appeals to those voters too.

Again, Romney is the one Obama and the Democrats fear the most. They have admitted to it during the 2008 election and the fear remains stronger today, considering the terrible economy and Romney’s matching strengths as a “turnaround artist” having been a successful businessman, CEO, Olympics leader and former governor. (By the way, if in doubt, then at least compare these skills and expertise with Obama’s experience when he ran three years ago. He had zilch, zippo!) The fear by the Democrats of having Obama run against Romney is evidenced by the fact that they (Demos) have already run attack ads on Romney a few months ago. Hence while Romney, last night, enjoyed a slim victory, Obama experienced a slim increase in heartbeat, which is only going to get faster and more rapid as Romney advances in securing the Republican nomination.

But I guess I will let some other pundits and prognosticators ponder the outcome of the 2012 race. People like Pat Robertson who said not too long ago that God already told him who the next president will be, though he will not say who it is yet. LOL!  And of course Cindy (Crawford) who is nearing her endorsement of one candidate (hahaha). I will wait for some augural results. And who can go wrong with CC ...lol... who, incidently, supported BO in 2008? ...:)

Finally, last night, energized by his success, Santorum affirmed his resurgence by announcing “Game On!” ... to which I say “Game Over!”

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