Romney Wins Florida

I had just watched the Florida Republican Primary tonight, and Romney, as predicted, won handily, beating Newt Gingrich who stole South Carolina from him a week ago. I think I'm with most of the pundits who say that this GOP Primary is going to be more like the speed of a turtle than a hare. One of the reasons for the former, is that Gingrich - who is Romney's main rival now - is a stubborn fat dude. He seems defiant and arrogant and will stay in the race. He feels like a big bully whose candy has been snatched from him by a timid lanky kid.  Gingrich is angry and the race may very well be a long duel until June - or it may not. With enough money, Gingrich can continue to throw punches at Romney even at the expense of party unity. Gingrich is also equally if not more angry with Santorum for splitting the so-called conservative vote, although, their combined votes (Gingrich's and Santorum's) tonight still do not equal Romney's numbers.

Therefore, tonight's big win in Florida - one of the most diverse states - for Romney is an impressive one. And for that I think Romney deserves a small Samoan celebration.  LOL!
Kaimi o le pa'umu!! ...Chususuuuuuuuu!

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